WHO OR WHAT IS ASHTAR? – (Excerpt newsletters vol. 85-87)

(Excerpt newsletters vol. 85-87)

Ashtar:  Good morning, Tuieta.  It is with great joy we feel the balance which has returned to you.  We have felt of your struggle, yet, as you know, we have been but able to stand by you as you take your steps for we cannot interfere.  As you feel the awakening of the golden sun, let it be a symbol for you of your own awakening.  As the sun returns to warm your part of the sphere each day, let it be a reminder of your own return to purpose and intent.  Feel of the release as the struggle decreases and harmony increases.  A lesson learned is, to be with flow is to be in harmony.  To feel isolated, is to feel the struggle.

Many ones look to us and see us as their own personal salvation.  Indeed, it would seem there is a pseudo-religion which is developing around those of us who are called the Command.  This is quite grievous to us.  We do not come as ones to be worshipped or adored, but as brothers who have walked of a similar path and felt similar pains and struggles, just as our brothers and sisters are experiencing at this point in the cycle.

We have come together and have made our presence known to support and encourage those of you who are volunteers on Earth assignment.  We have taken the same steps you on Earth are taking, cried the same tears, and yearned just as you are now yearning.  This is part of the process of growth of the divine essence within each of our breasts as it becomes brighter and brighter reaching a point where it bursts forth to consume our totality that we might express the pure Light which we are.  Each of our “anointing” has been in a slightly different manner according to our type of embodiment, location and focus.

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