Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One.  It is Captain Leika here to speak with you briefly.

You have put forth the question of your dwelling place prior to entry into this universe.  With your permission, I shall briefly try to describe your evolution so that you and others might have a greater understanding of how you have arrived on planet Earth.

Currently there are on Earth two types of individuals that have come as legions of volunteers.  The first ones are ones that we have spoken of at some length, for these are the ones that have come from the various galaxies, and their contents, to Earth to assist in the change-over in your foreseeable future.  These are ones that have slowed knowingly their own evolution on their own planet to come to Earth to assist.  They have taken the decided risk of entering the ethers of Earth, with the full knowledge that they might be caught up in its energies, and be reduced to one of those that are currently bound to Earth’s cosmic cycle.  They have also taken the chance that they might be able to maintain their present level of development, and indeed might even evolve more quickly in their time of service.

Yes, service is the most expedient method of evolving from one dimension into the next, both from your dimension and from ours.  For these ones to enter into embodiment of mortal flesh on Earth is indeed an act of sacrifice and love.  Some have enlisted for the total cycle.  Others have come forth for specific lifetimes or cyclic rotation.  And still others have come as inhabitants of form that is already in existence.  I believe you of Earth call these ones “walk ins”.  In each instance the veil falls and they are not aware of their previous commitment or their place of origin.  In the case of some of the ones that you call walk-ins there is a slight remembrance of the reason for their entry and their purpose.

This, I trust, gives you a brief overview of the ones that are known to you as star people, or as we refer to them as stellar assistants or galactic volunteers or cosmic liaisons.  These ones have many titles to identify their reason for habitation on this planet.  I might suggest that you keep in your mind’s eye that these ones have come in love and peace.  They have come to serve.  They have come to hold forth the hand of friendship and universal brotherhood to all ones that are bound to planet Earth.

At this time on planet Earth there are also another set or group of volunteers.  These came into the evolvement in Earth at about the turn of the cycle. But I am getting ahead of my presentation.  These are volunteers that have taken on specific form to work with ones of Earth from the area of evolution that you call the spiritual hierarchy.  These are ones that have evolved and have graduated from the cyclic dimensional changes in growth but are in that dimension that is beyond that which has a specific form.  These ones have come close to Earth.  These ones have taken on specific form to assist those that are bound to Earth at the conclusion of this major cycle.  Our Beloved One, Jesus Sananda, has done such for ones of Earth.  He has stayed close to Earth since his entry into embodiment as Jesus, and the representation of the Christed energy at that time.

The ones that you have called masters have done this.  Some have taken up a form of residence on specific planets or stars.  Some are now in etheric form with Earth directly.  Still others have taken up a type of temporary residence upon the ships of our fleets that circle your Earth.  Still others have come in embodiment, either thru the birthing process or as ones that have overshadowed the one that is in form at this time.

At this time in the cosmic cycle the ones of the spiritual hierarchy are quite close to Earth and they are in great numbers.  This is so in the case of change at the end of each of the greater cycles, and is more so when there is the conclusion of three cycles at the same point, such as you are experiencing.  These ones are from a dimension that is beyond that one that I know.  They come from a galaxy that is beyond one that is known to us of the Universal Confederation.  They come as beings on shafts of Light to take on a form that is compatible with this galaxy, and then on to take on one that is usable in your universe.  These ones, though, I am compelled to add, continue to maintain their etheric posture, for they are beyond the need to remain in any one particular dimension or thought.

I trust this has assisted in answering your questions.  Though I am not at liberty to say which is your chosen method of entry I trust that you have received the answer for which you search.  It is with my permission, and the permission of those that are my immediate supervisors that you are at liberty to share of this communique with all those that might have expressed an interest.

Peace and blessings to you small sister.  Peace and blessings to all ones of Earth.  Adonai