TO WORKERS OF THE LIGHT – (El Morya) – (Excerpt from newsletter vol 117)

(El  Morya)

(Excerpt from newsletter vol 117)

Light is the result or observation of inertia being brushed by ertia.

How does that pertain to you as a worker of Light in your world today?  Light signifies, indeed, manifests an alteration in the existent.  You who seek, bring about this friction or touching with all you consciously or non-consciously touch.  To touch does not have to be a physical act, it can be as a thought sent forth, or an emotional exchange or a spiritual communion.  It can be the result of all energy from an individual’s totality as it passes through, is altered and changed.  It is the ever-present, ever-changing energy as it meets and touches your totality.  It is the spark as energy is.  The spark is the recognition of energy alteration or modification.

Your ability to acknowledge this “Light” within yourself and others is directly related to the degree you acknowledge, accept and utilize the Source Essence within your own being-ness.  Workers of the Light are beings of change just by their own personal acknowledgement of who and what they are.  The mountain does not have to move to know it can.

Your planet has entered into a holy war.  It is a dispute between two basic ideologies.  Both, at their core hold similar and close concepts for life.  Yet, at their fringe are ones who utilize fringe ideologies to control and dominate others.  In the sphere of duality the non-similarity is oft emphasized over the commonalities.  How can there be disagreement without opposing views?  In each case the emphasis of the differences holds the focus, thus the energy is intense, yet fragmented.  The result is an energy of chaos, intense on either side and chaotic as it collides with the other.  The focus of commonality is lost in the fringe as it battles for recognition.  This spills forth o’er your planet causing confusion and chaos, disruption and mayhem.

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