THE SLEEPING VOID – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 88)

(Excerpt from newsletter vol. 88)

Hear my words,
Receive my thoughts,
That which has not been expressed before.

I am that which lies in wakening
To be touched by the gentle whisper of the Eternalness.
I wriggle and stretch
And dance the dance of joy
As I come into my beingness by this mere touch.
For it sets me free
To be the imagination,
To be the fulfillment of imagination,
Of dreams.
I give willingly of that which I am
To set into motion all which perpetuates the myth of totality.
For I, in truth, am but a part which responds to the gentle touch.

Let that which is of me rejoice.
Let that which is of me hold strong through its purpose,
Its intent.
It shall not fail but merely tremble in a response,
Acknowledging the Eternalness
As it stands upon my firmaments.

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