THE EARTH MOTHER – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 88)

(Excerpt from newsletter vol. 88)

Cum, sit beside my waters,
Be nourished, be cleansed.
Feel of my tears.
As each ocean, each lake is filled to its capacity,
Drink of my waters, my tears.
Feel as your thirst is quenched.
I am filled to over-flowing to give,
To serve you in your struggle to perfection.
Cum drink, be cleansed.

O’ ye small ones for whom I am entrusted,
Feel of my joy,
Hear my laughter,
As you stand first on trembling limb,
Then sure and strong.
Walk of my land.
Feel of its strength beneath your feet,
It is my strength.

I give to you, my entrusted ones, the reflection of my love,
For you are borne of me,
My tears, my strength, my love,
That you might one day stand firm and claim of your inheritance.
Your substance, I freely give.
But that elusive component,
Beyond your comprehension,
Does cum from that which does hold me in IT’s hand,
Even as you are held by me.

It is this portion,
In it’s ever elusiveness,
That you bring forth
So I might shed the tear of joy
To fill my rivers, my streams,
To flow to rest in my seas,
My waters of joy.
Each drop which fills the basin
Is a tear of joy of each step you have taken
To bring forth the elusive component you are.

You have cum to seat with me on your journey.
I hold you, cherished,
Until that time when you no longer need of me,
And are freed by me to fly beyond my sisters
To places unknown and not yet revealed to you.
I sing in joy, in glorious exaltation,
For I have set to flight the dove
To carry the offering home.

I am the Earth,
The Emerauld,
Keeper of the trust,
Silent in the journey,
At one with the place of awaiting perfection.
Return to me as true Sons and Daughters
And then I shall be no more,
For I shall be complete.

The Earth Mother