It is with joy that I enter your field that I might speak with you.  Beatrix here.  As I observe planet Earth and those of you who have taken on embodiment at this hour there is a great recognition.  Those of you that have eye to see on your plane shall become increasingly aware of a chain of events, of activities that are taking place upon your planet.  Stations are being constructed.  No, these are not enormous landing things such as necessary for your airstrips, your airships, but lighted landing areas are being constructed.  Ones are coming together in a commonality of cause, of purpose.

There has begun the recognition of one with another.  As was given to you earlier in a book, the Eagles are gathering, and becoming well known to each other.  And soon you shall be as one to soar across the face of Mother Earth.  Know as you gather in this circle here that others too are gathering in circles in other areas about your globe.  And as you share of that which you receive, as you sit together here, so shall these ones also share, and so shall you recognize more and more your commonality of purpose, of your mutual goal that you are all experiencing.

There are ones upon your planet that have become quite aware and interested in the conservation of foodstuffs and the preservation of foodstuffs, and in planting, and in harvesting those grains, those nutrients that would be vital to you in the time of crises.  No, these ones do not claim of themselves to be light workers, and yet this is their particular role, their particular function at this time in your cycle.  There are others that are binding together, that they might share of that which they have received, that share of the word, of the knowledge, of the expertise that they have gained, or that has been awakened within them.  Colonies are being established on your planet.  Ones are coming together with a commonality of purpose, of cause.  And yet just as there is a commonality so is there also a diversity in the capabilities of those that are called to the gatherings.

Just as there will be one that speaks of the guided word, so shall there be another that prepares of the foodstuffs, and so shall there be another that plants of the grains that would feed ones.  And so shall one come that can offer ideas, thoughts of construction that will utilize the materials that are readily available.  Thus, are your communities formed.  There is purpose.  These are ones that have worked together in the other dimension that have indeed gone to school, as it were, in the other dimension.  And now as they have been scattered about your planet, and they have come back to work together they are drawn into specific areas, that those energies which are compatible might blend and work together to produce a higher energy, and thus assist Earth at this time, as well as to assist all those that are on Earth.

No, many of these ones that are called do not consider of themselves light workers.  They do not know of us, of our role.  They do not even know of their own, and yet they are guided, they are led, and they too are working for the betterment of all ones on Earth and in Earth at this hour.

These are but a few of the observations.  These are but a few thoughts that I would share with you as I monitor the activities of our lighted ones on planet Earth.  Thank you for allowing me to come forth.