Greetings eartheans.  I am Captain Leika at your service.  I too serve in the Light of the Radiant One.  And though I do not come specifically under the immediate command of Commander Ashtar, I serve in a different realm on a different assignment.  My planet is one that is not known to you.  And I shared its name before (that this one might be familiar with it.)  It is Aron-u-tuk.  And here I feel this one smiling because we first introduced the similarity to her as your animal called the orangutan.  And this perhaps is the difficulty she is having at this time.

This planet is on the very outer fringes of this galaxy.  And indeed, one of my primary assignments is to assist in the shuttle and in the equalization of souls coming into this galaxy.  For you see, just as there are varying planes and dimensions, there are varying planes within the various dimensions.  And ones coming into this galaxy to serve with the Intergalactic Fleet must go through a period of balance and readjustment.  And indeed, in some instances their energies must be concentrated in form.  Thus I am in charge of a receiving station as you of Earth would call this.  This allows souls, this area, allows souls to come in to be adjusted, attuned to the energies in this galaxy, and then to come forth as volunteers to serve with the Fleet.

As you are aware, there are many ones, both from your own universe, your own galaxy, and ones from distant galaxies that have volunteered to assist you of Earth at this hour.  From my vantage view, I would say to you that you have a total unawareness of the number of ones that have come forth from other galaxies to assist and to serve.  You see, this one that is known to you as Sananda, this one that is the Christed One, is known not only in your universe and your galaxy but is also known throughout the other galaxies as well.  This one has served, has worked with and has walked on the various planets and planes, the various stars and dimensions, and the other galaxies.  And ones there that have heard the call freely come forth to share in assistance, to share in the service of this one.

I do not anticipate that I shall remain much longer in this present assignment, but I too shall be joining the other ones that are working more closely with you of the Earthly plane.  It has been felt by the ones in responsible commands at this time that you needed to be aware of some of the activities that are going on within this galaxy, that are beyond your immediate knowledge and your immediate comprehension.  It was for this reason that I have come forth to share these thoughts with you.

Ours is a station on this planet.  And those souls coming in are indeed modified in form, or rather given a form that is useful, that is useable, within this galaxy and within this universe.  In turn, those that have served of their rotation and are returning to their home galaxies, to their home planets or stars beyond this galaxy, they too, go through this station that they might leave of the being they have assumed here to take on the form that is more compatible to their home existence.

Thank you for receiving me.  Thank you for serving too in the Light of the Radiant One.  I am Captain Leika and I salute you.