(Ming Ling)

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I shall take the opportunity to introduce myself.  I am known to you of Earth as Ming Ling.  I am from the beautiful star of Venus, that one which is known to you as the Star of Love.  For this is my home.  This is my place of evolvement.

With your kind permission, if you would receive of me, I shall share with you thoughts from my star, from your brothers, from your sisters who yearn for you too to be able to share all that we share, that our circle of sharing, our circle of growing might become larger to include the whole of this Universe.  I have come forth and for a very short period I shall reside within one of the ships that is in your vicinity.  I shall be transferring from one ship to another that I might have the opportunity to share of my message of love, my message of hope, my message of peace.  For I come as the voice of many of ones of your sister star.

We have come forth, rather I have come forth for all of us to give you a measure of courage, a measure of strength to continue on your journey.  We know of your experiences.  We know of your times of tribulation now.  Each of us have experienced similar experiences to yours.  No, we cannot say they are exact for our time was of a different time.  But we too have passed of our test, and we now have the opportunity to look back upon the testing and to see of its benefit and to see of its worth, and to see how our period of testing has made us ever so stronger in the Divine Light and the Divine Love.  For it has brought us closer to the Creative Principle than we ever would have been without our period of testing and tribulation.  Yes, we have evolved that our eyes might gaze to that which has happened, and they might gaze also at that which is yet to be.  The ethers about our planet have been cleared, and we have not the storm clouds that you dear ones now have.  For we have passed of the storms, and as you ones would say, we have entered into the golden sunrise, and we have tasted of the golden dew as it sits upon the petal of the lily.  And we see of the sunset that calls forth all the rays to unite in one glorious Light.  Thus our eyes do see.

Many ones have come forth and they have come forth and they have spoken with you, and our Beloved One has said to you to love one another.  And yet it is felt by many ones who sit on many councils that you do not grasp the true meaning of these words.  You have yet to give your conscious commitment to the simple, beautiful, complete set of words.  Over your eons of time this word of love has been warped, it has been misused, it has been abused, until now its true meaning is beyond your comprehension, your conscious comprehension.

I would ask of you for one moment to sit quietly and feel all that is around you, feel of the warm blanket that comes to rest upon your shoulders, feel of the crown that is placed upon your head, and feel of the box that holds all the mysteries as it is placed within your hands.  I would ask of you for a moment to sit, to quietly feel, to experience the communion with the Absolute.  (Pause…………)

Is this not peace?  Is this not a beauty beyond description?  Is this not a state of at-one-ment?  Beloved ones I would say to you to take of this moment and hold it within your heart that you might be able to call it forth to give you the strength that you shall need.  This one brief–ah, too brief–moment that you are experiencing is as it is upon my star for each moment of all Eternity.  Love, my dear ones, is such a peace and at-one-ment.  It is the recognition, that you as one cell, are part of the Universal, the Total, and the Total is not complete without you.  And you as the one small jewel within the Universal must do your part, must blend all that you are, you have ever been, or you ever shall be, you must blend all of this into harmony with all that is of creation.

You must recognize that there is within you that spark that is Divine.  And there is within you that portion which holds the Divinity.  And just as each cell of your being is bathed in love, is bathed in Light, and is nurtured by a substance unseen by you, so it is as you are a cell of the Total.  You too are nurtured by all that is around you, by all of which you are a part.  And so as you grow and your divinity comes forth to shine, to bless your temple, your being and all that is around you, so does the Total grow, so does the Universal Principle come forth to shine, to bless.

Beloved ones, for you who remember not the sublime state of at-one-ment my thoughts I fear are most inadequate, but I would for this short time try to help you to still your storms, to quiet the battle that rages within you.  I would come to share with you the peace that is of the Christ-dom.  And I would come to blend my energies with yours that all that which is of your makeup that is not of balance, be balanced, and all that which is of you that is of disharmony that the chord of harmony might be struck.  And I would hold forth my hand and I would share with you the love, the energies, the thoughts of all of us that are of the star that is known to you as Love, that you might feel that which we share with you, that you might feel of the love and be warmed.  My joy this night is your joy.  And I freely share with you the joy that is mine.  And my love I send forth to meld with your love that a great and mighty Light might come forth as the two unite.

Thank you for letting me come forth to share with you.  Thank you for receiving me and the others of our star.  Thank you for holding forth the torch that others might see of the Light to come forth.  I am most humbled in your presence for you are in the midst of a great and mighty battle, and as all warriors who are armed in Light you shall be victorious.  Beloveds of the Breath, my love I share with you.  Thank you.  Amen  Amen  Good night  Amen