SASQUATCH KINGDOM – (Chu-Ah) – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 116)


(Excerpt from newsletter vol. 116)

Greetings, Tuieta.  Chu-Ah here……….  I bring blessings and greetings to you from my mate and my offspring.  It is quiet now in the valley.  The first winter blanket has descended upon us, and indeed, the streams are hard about the edges and their flow has decreased.  Most of the four-legged ones have sought shelter in trees or perhaps in areas that they have dug to keep themselves warm and safe.  It is a peaceful time as I look upon my valley, for indeed, there are no steps, no footprints to break the perfect surface which I see.  The moon shines brightly as I speak, and as you would imagine, I am sitting at the mouth of the outer cave while Kul-ah (mate) and Le-ah are safe within the inner cave, where they might sleep a restful sleep until once again the great sun comes forth to warm us.  Le-ah (female offspring) has begun her brief periods of sleep for these months that are so cold.

This is a pleasant time for me as I sit and I gaze about.  The trees have lost their leaves and they stand as silhouettes against the white surface as the moon shines forth.  There are no birds to sing.  There is a quiet and a peacefulness that defies description.  Indeed, I am most fortunate to have this one small space upon the face of the Earth Mother, which for this moment has no chaos, no unbalance; all is within harmony.  It is so beautiful.  And yet, the winter blanket of snow is not so deep that one cannot walk to the stream when the sun is out to drink of it and feel its coolness as we partake of the luxury, for soon, any of the waters we have will be of the melted snows.

As I gaze at one particular tree, it seems like it was only just a blink of an eye ago that I was sitting beneath it dozing in the afternoon sun and I felt drops of acorns or nuts of some type – I believe that’s the word you would use – landing upon the top of my head.  I opened my eyes to see Le-ah standing behind another tree, her mouth covered so her laughter wouldn’t come forth, as her friend – the one you call the squirrel – was dropping things to awaken me.  The times of the different beauties of this place are so short and yet, they are etched within my memory forever.  How fortunate am I.

I am aware of what is happening in the world around us.  And yes, there are Uhtarions involved in this, too, for we indeed lend our support, our assistance, whenever we can.  Earthman is a very unique creature – or shall I say the energies of Earth make him a unique creature, for indeed, we all are divine.  But  such anger we feel about this plane, such confusion and such fear, I feel quite blest this moment for the peace and the tranquility I have here in my own special place.  I would not care to exchange places with you, my dear sister, for I must admit, mine is a much simpler life than yours.

We are in communication quite frequently with Ink-ah (male offspring).  He is well.  He has found one that he thinks could be his mate, but they both agree they will finish their schooling before they make any commitment.  When such thoughts come to me, I immediately think of him when he was small and he was bouncing around, and the valley was so much fun for him and it was such a great place to explore.  It seems like it was only a blink of an eye, and then suddenly, he is sending thoughts of taking a mate and all the responsibilities and all of the things he will assume as he grows into his adulthood.

My, I must sound like one of your species – as the reflective parent – do I not?  He is doing well with his studies.  We learn that he is quick to learn.  He is very adept at specific types of his studies, though others require a little more effort on his part.  He still has time for communion with the others and to frolic per his age and his current decorum.

Le-ah, my darling Le-ah; she has such an enthusiasm for life and there is so much excitement in every discovery she makes, be it a flower hiding behind a rock or be it a special piece of bark that she has found that she is sure is pure gold.  As the leaves begin to fall from the trees, she took great joy in dancing in them and all of the sounds and the music they made as her feet crunched them.  She tells me she can’t decide which time she likes the best, but she does know, now, that when she sleeps – or goes into the long sleep – she is studying at school.  She says she likes her studies and I know she learns very quickly, but she also likes to just be in the moment.  I think this is a commonality of the young ones of your species and mine.

We hear there is great trouble in parts of our beloved Emerauld.  And as I said before, we project that we might assist regardless of side – regardless of intent – to do our part in bringing a peaceful flow on this planet.  I should hate to have to leave here abruptly because we were not able to hold the focus which this planet so desperately needs at this point in her growth.  But we know we must do what we must do.

There are still ones who search about for our tracks, for evidence of our appearance. They say it is a scientific quest.  I have my doubts about that.  But as long as our senses and those of our four-legged brethren remain sharp and alert, then we shall be safe to do our work unobserved.

We are in constant communication with the Command, and when we are asked, we can focus a great deal of energy to specific points on your planet.  Would you ever think that as you have a warring faction of your species on one side of your planet, if you could take, perhaps, a limb, or whatever you would use as a straight object – it eludes me right now, what you would call it – and put it through to the other side of your planet, that that is where we must focus our energy in order to maintain a balance?  It is not where the war is, but it is rather all the way through the planet to another spot.  I believe it is in the great waters that we focus our thoughts to bring about a balance for this planet.

But as I gaze about me, as the moon shares its light and the valley is almost as light as day, I realize how peaceful it is and how very far away disharmony and discontent is, and I recognize how fortunate am I.  One day, you will come to this place and you will know; and somehow I know you will feel the same way about this little valley as Kul-ah and I feel.  There is little that seems disruptive for we truly are at peace right now.  The branches do not move for there is no wind, and if I am very still, I can hear the distant tinkle as the waters run over the rocks before they become hard and we can walk upon them.  It’s a distant music which would defy any instrument made by anyone but the Earth Mother.  It is a wondrous sound, so distant and so faint, that a branch moves.

Truly, at this moment, all is peaceful for me in my little world.  Yet I know there is a greater world out there.  For me, for this moment, there is but peace.  I would desire this for all ones who are my brethren regardless of what they look like or how they walk.  But I would desire this moment of perfect peace I am experiencing with all ones who would receive it – that they might feel it – and feel as blest as I feel.

Chu-ah, out.