In that which is the light of the Perfection, I greet you.  It is with joy, which reflects throughout and from my whole totality, I speak with you.  I am Monka.  What joy I feel as our energies once again blend in union. 

            A concept has been projected to you, for you to become accustomed to and to help you develop a definite curiosity.  That concept could be called “parallel realities.”  Even as I speak the thought, so I feel a quickening within you which says, “Yes, please — tell me, tell me.”  It is a unique concept in that it is primarily demonstrated in the first three dimensions.  You have — through that which has been shared with you and that which has been shared with others — spoken of the various planes of the dimensions and the various dimensions, acknowledging within each a consciousness and an awareness unique to that specific vibrational pattern.  In linear terms, this could be seen as points on a spiral of conscious advancement — each advancement being in a particular dimension through its various planes.  Indeed, we have spoken of individuals who have — who do move about in the planes of a particular dimension, recognizing it is an impossibility for one individual to maintain solely in one plane of the dimension.  The activity of one could be likened to that which you know as the EKG, for it is an up and down – and remember, I am using third dimensional terms to help you understand this.  Of course, the objective for each of the divine essences which you are, are to travel out of your present dimension into that which you would call one of a greater degree of purity. 

            The divine facet within you cries to be in union with that which we call the Source of all creation.  It longs to be with those whose vibrational harmony intensifies the flow into oneness.  This, shall we say, is the struggle which most of you are continually engaged in.  However, in your present dimension, you have many attitudes or foci of consciousness which run parallel with each other and make up the collective consciousness.  However, they are not ones which always blend.  Let us take as a given all which you can see, touch, smell, taste, etc. within the cosmos operates within your own reality of your collective consciousness.  However, within that — you could say all of that which would make up the collective consciousness of the third dimension – a facet of that collective consciousness might be Mars; a facet might be Venus; a facet might be your moon, your Earth plane or the variety of realities which dwell just on your planet alone. 

            For the purposes of this discussion, let us say a reality is composed of all energy or activity which is held within a set of parameters.  Once you have stepped beyond those parameters, the only reference point you have for new experiences or different experiences are those which you have had within the parameters of what is known to you.  For an illustration, in your rain forests, the trees are being removed by a facet of Earth’s collective consciousness whose reality is much different than the ones who dwell within these rain forests.  Those who have dwelled within the rain forest – their reality has very specific parameters, and there is a minimum of flow outside of them. As you who have come from different realities enter into theirs, it is not only the trees are being removed, but you are removing the definition of their reality.  This lack of definition of their reality will cause these ones to cease to exist rather than the decrease in the rain forest.  Man cannot exist without a defined reality. 

            Those upon your plane, as another illustration, who have contact and work with those who would be called ET’s, operate in a reality which is totally beyond the parameters of most ones about them.  Hence, their reality is a different one than the – um, perhaps, the corner grocer or the one who would deliver your letters or packages.  Again, to define this which we call parallel realities, you may, in a collective consciousness, speak the same language or many different languages.  In a collective consciousness, you have many facets of experiences which feed into the total awareness of that consciousness.  You have a collective consciousness for planet Earth.  It began with the first entry of a divine representative as it began its Earth experience and will cease or be absorbed into the cosmic consciousness when the Earth planet is no more.  It operates for the preservation of the entities upon your planet.  It defines what is real to them and what is not.  That which is not defined within specific parameters usually is not that which would be accepted by that particular reality.  One illustration of that would be your involvement with ET’s and that which is called the elusive Yeti or Sasquatch.  This is an entity who can move through realities without them impacting dramatically upon them. 

            But what is the point of this discussion, hmm?  Look at what is your reality.  What is acceptable to you?  What is unacceptable?  Several years ago, you had a movement which you called the Hippie Movement.  These flower children, if you will, were expanding the collective consciousness of Earth.  They were attempting to establish a parallel reality with the existing reality or within the collective consciousness upon the planet.  However, the definition or the parameters of their reality was not one which could exist independently from other realities.  It was a reality which was very dependent upon the parallel realities with it, or shall we say, about it.  Hence, as the desire to maintain this parallel reality has diminished because of the interdependence on the realities about it, many of the thoughts — the concepts which were its basis — have now been incorporated into those realities which were adjacent to it. That which you would call the Women’s Liberation Movement could be demonstrated in the same manner, also.  You could therefore say the reality with the strongest parameters or definition is one which will override an associate one. 

            A reality’s definition, or parameters, comes from within.  It as those entities who comprise the reality are unswayed by the impact of others as they pursue their own personal or collective goal……  Therefore, you could, in very gentle terms, say one reality or a reality is a focus toward a particular goal and only those who will operate within the accepted standards or limitations of the facet of the collective consciousness who have established this would be part of that reality.  Again, with your permission, may I use a small illustration?  The thought of ET’s or life beyond your planet is plausible to most of the collective consciousness or the majority of the collective consciousness on your plane.  There are those of you who know there are extraterrestrials of many vibrational patterns who are interested and associated with Earth.  Some of you recognize there are those whom you call “the good ones” and those whom you would call “not as good,” depending on their motive or intent. There are others of you who have — who believe there are ET’s who come to Earth and are involved with Earth for their sole objective is to harm or to use Earth as an experimental station.

            There are others of you who recognize Earth — in its many facets — is but a refection of all which operates within the cosmos.  So, therefore, you have “good” and you have ones who are “not so good” or whose motives are perhaps not as pure.  Within these illustrations you have a very specific defined way of viewing ET’s, yet you would all come under the umbrella of a reality which acknowledges ET’s.  It is only when the parameters of your belief system have become sufficiently strong through your own experiences an alternate reality is established — or a parallel reality.  The ones upon your plane or in your dimension, shall we say, who work with extraterrestrials for control and manipulation of others do not carry the same facets of reality you do.  They would view this as a scientific approach which is for the betterment of man.  So they have defined their focus, and yet, in that focus, they have little regard for man as he is used in varying experiments to either prove or disprove their thesis.  Their reality is one of total control of other individuals by a select group.  This is demonstrated by their use of others of their kind or species in such a manner as to view them as laboratory entities, not humans.  They are in a reality within the third dimension which operates in a parallel manner to most of the realities about them. 

            In parallel realities — as I said to define the reality — you must have a specific focus or goal.  As others will join in, that focus is reinforced and parameters are defined.  There is no alteration in the planes of the dimension.  It is merely an alteration in focus and action content.  Again, referring to your own planet of Earth, these realities can operate in isolation or they can operate in such a manner as there is an interchange across the parameter lines.  Again, this depends upon the focus of the reality.  The exposure approximation would be a more accurate term of other facets of the reality to that particular one.  The greater in number of parallel realities and the greater the density of their parameters, the greater is the separation and isolation of experiences for those contained in each reality. 

            Upon planet Earth at this point, there are multiple realities existing.  Some are sharing parameters with a bleeding or flow between the two.  Others are maintaining their individuality with either a minimum of energy exchange, such as that limited to a give- and-take situation.  You can observe this, perhaps, more easily as you would experience various cultures upon your planet.  That which is acceptable in one culture may not be acceptable in another.  In most other cultural exchanges, you could therefore say these are various parts of a larger reality which acknowledge the existence of others and maintain in a compatible manner.  There are, however, within your various cultures, ones who operate in a reality which is totally foreign to others of the same culture. 

            Perhaps you would take the opportunity to think about yourselves as individuals and how your reality is defined for you.  You may, perhaps, begin this by placing a dot upon a piece of paper that could represent you.  Then, there would be other dots connected to you which would be your family and then other parts of your family.  You may, perhaps, also then put in other points for friends and associates.  Then you begin to look at what else impacts upon you and what else is it which is part of your reality.  Is it not ones who produce your foodstuffs, ones who make the clothing available, ones who have perhaps built your dwelling places?  Do you not have ones who bring you letters?  Do you not have ones who share packages with you?  And you have your media presentation of that on your television or your radio.  You have that which is then your city, and your community within your city, even to be more specific.  You have begun, as you do this, to recognize that which you have an interchange with on a daily basis impacts upon you and therefore defines your reality for you.  You have that which goes beyond your reach into your country — those who are the officials of your country who set forth the laws by which you may operate.  If your reality is one to follow those laws, then they set up your parameters of operation, for within each reality there is a certain framework or set of laws which maintain its proportions. 

            You (as you continue to draw your picture) began to see there is impact upon your lives — your experiences — by ones whom you do not know on a personal level, but rather, these are ones who project to you and you accept that projection.  Their actions are part of your reality, however, they themselves may not be.  Those of you, then, who believe in ones of honesty, purity of intent, who are beyond your planet, then must accept into their reality — and do accept into their reality — those who would be called the ET’s who are of a harmonious pattern.  Also, within your reality would be not only the other aspects of divine representation, whom we call humans, but there is also that which is the plant, the animal, and the mineral kingdoms.  Without these and their influence, you would not have a base of recognition.  They assist in establishing what is real for you and what is not……

*    *    *

[to continue]  A reality can be defined as that which is a constant within specified parameters.  It is controlled by one part of the collective consciousness.  It is also part of the total of the collective consciousness for the consciousness of beings of the planet.  It is totally self-contained or it can be so loosely contained as to appear to lack defined parameters.  It is decided by a focus of that which it contains.  Its limits are determined by the degree of flexibility of its parameters and the focus of its contents.  It is impacted upon by that which is about it.  Its degree of sovereignty governs the strength of its parameters and its identity.  The reality with no degree of sovereignty and minimal definition of parameters will be that reality which will be consumed or incorporated by a reality parallel with it.  The reality with total sovereignty and specifically defined parameters will be that one which is able to maintain regardless of the parallel realities and any impact they might wield upon it. 

            The relationship between realities is an ever-changing one.  This relationship can be one of give-and-take on a selective basis.  It can be one of total separateness.  It might be one in which both entities are maintained yet there is flow between as the need of each reality is met.  The autonomy of a reality can be that of a static nature or attitude or it can be one which is ever-changing and thus presenting a challenging front to those who make it up.  The individual entities who make up the reality determine its content and approach.  It can be one in which the parameters are well-defined with minimal exchanges over its boundaries, or to go to the other extreme, the parameters of a given reality can be so loosely defined the reality loses its identity because it is absorbed by a parallel one. 

            To illustrate the latter, see of the era in which the hippie philosophy was an up-and-coming one.  Because of its total dependence upon the existing parallel reality, which maintained strongly defined parameters, it could not and would not stand on its own.  Rather, it was absorbed into the stronger parallel one, bringing with it a philosophy which was added to the existing one.  Hence, the stronger of the two realities took into itself a weaker reality.  The result was not a merging of the two, but rather, a reality which maintained its parameters with segments which would have integrated into the original with slight deviation toward an identity.  

            Parallel realities which allow a flow from one with the other are those which are constantly changing and evolving.  One set of parameters does not seek to overrun or control the other, but rather, each realizes the equalities of the other without imposition.  A reality is composed of all elements of a plane of a dimension, without totally encompassing all facets of that plane.  It contains the manifestations of all kingdoms as allowed by the vibration of the dimension.  It operates in a manner to maintain the units and the foci or the units within its defined parameters.  Its degree of evolvement will depend upon the desire of evolvement of all units within the parameters.  The degree of flow across both sets of parameters will be dependent upon those within the parameters and their desire of flow.  The desire of the entities within a reality will determine the reality…..

*   *   *

            May we resume with our discussions of realities which are parallel to one another?  As you look at ones about you, who are establishing what they would term communities of like-thinking, of like-philosophies, you can easily see how they are establishing a place upon your planet for the core or focus of a specific reality.  If these ones would have no interchange with those about them, they would continue to be more ingrained in their own specific philosophy.  The numbers would be involved would decrease because of the autonomy executed by specific ones and they would leave that reality for they would choose to be in one which would have more flow.  At this point in your cycle, there are ones who feel led or guided to set up communities or to buy lands to begin communities for those who share their thoughts and who have like-thinking.  Their desire is for each of their communities to be autonomous.  Some have begun this process from a fear mode.  Others have begun this process from a desire to pull away from others because they are not comfortable with that which is going on about them.  In either situation, they cannot maintain a complete autonomy at this point in your cycle because of the strong interdependence the various parallel realities have set up within your collective consciousness.  Indeed, should they choose to define their parameters too strongly, they will find they shall experience a [crushing] by that which is about them. Historically, look at those who have been called cults, those who have been called by various names, and the manner in which they have ceased in their defined existence.  So, you say to me: “What can I do?  My reality is far different than that of my neighbor or my brother.  Tell me, what can I do?”  I answer your question with another:  Does a master become a master by hiding from the rest of creation?  Does a master function as a master in isolation or only with a selective few? 

            As the Earth mother goes through her changing process and enters into her period of tranquility, the consciousness of Earth and the reality of Earth shall be seen.  The multiple pockets of parallel realities will be ones which seek not isolation, but rather, will be the ones which seek flow and blending, the qualities of each shall be recognized in their contribution for the whole.  The reality of the shepherd will be of equality to that which is the reality of the storeman or goodskeeper.  I am saying there will be a shifting in reality for all peoples of the planet of Earth.  The need to guard or to protect oneself from other realities will not be, but rather, there will be a flowing between and among the parallel realities of Earth.  Each will be defined by a semi-permeable membrane rather than a parameter which is built of bricks and stones.  Those who would see building communities for the new day, and fortresses and places of safety from others’ harm, shall find their efforts falling to dust because each is divine and carries the divine spark within them; there is an automatic commonality with all of the humans. 

            As vibrational patterns alter and that which Earthman calls the New Day dawns upon planet Earth, there shall be less need for defined separateness and there shall be a greater desire for understanding and acceptance.  Earthman shall, for his period of time, choose to build the walls about him thick and strong so he might be protected in that which he accepts as real, for his reality is both tangible and intangible.  He must realize — as man comes to terms with himself and his own perception of reality –- recognize that his walls shall crumble for it is only as man accepts new concepts and new ideas he is released from the planes of the third dimension to enter into multi-dimensional experiences. 

            Within the third dimension and its many planes of existence, man sees definition and finality.  Once man has released the confines of his definition and the limits of his finality will he be ready to enter into that which is beyond his dimension, for it is this definition and finality have been the parameters of each individual on the planet as he has stated his reality. 

            You, as individuals, can look historically at your own involvement in this grand adventure of planet Earth.  That which was the healer in his infinite wisdom not too many of your Earth years ago, would bleed individuals to release them of their demons to the point they would weaken the individual who was being treated, to the point that the soul would leave of the form; they would die.  This was accepted reality in the practice of what you would call healing.  But look at today what your reality is in the practice of healing.  It spans many parameters of many realities as ones seek the knowledge which is now available to them so they may retain their physical form for many more adventures than they were able to retain it in the past.  Not too many of your Earth years ago, there was no thought of splitting the atom, or of bombarding the atom to bring about an alteration in energies, and yet, this hour as I speak to you, this is common knowledge — this is a practice.  Your reality has altered to accept into it new ideas and new thoughts. 

            The reality of that which you call your Golden Age shall continue to be parallel realities. However, there shall be a blending, and the parameters shall be so thin and so loosely defined there shall be difficulty in seeing the separation of one reality from the other, for the consciousness of mankind shall grow — indeed, shall open up or expand — so man might embrace new ideas, new concepts in such a way as to integrate them into his own thinking process.  The need for defined separate realities diminishes as the individual expands in their own awareness.  It is only as you are locked in a degree of darkness — and may I define darkness as that which is unknowing? — that you have need to hold fast to your focus of your reality.  As you recognize and expand, so it is you welcome that movement across boundaries to bring about a greater knowing within your own experience. 

            This is our purpose.  This is our role. As we of the fleet speak with you — share thoughts with you — our desire is to help you to release some of these hard and fast parameters you have built about yourselves to allow a blending with us and with your brothers and sisters upon your plane so that the communication might be from the God essence within one with another.  That which is real to one man will ne’er be real completely to another, yet that which is the shared experience of one man can be shared by his brother so both might grow.  That is our desire for you, our brothers and sisters of planet Earth; that is our desire.  See of these realities which operate upon your planet in that which you call your collective consciousness.  See these realities as they do not blend, but rather, they stifle, control, and manipulate — and see of yourself as you allow this to happen to you.  Let your reality be one in which there is a flow in and out across your parameters so your reality may grow and you may see not one but many suns of a golden hue.

            I am your brother, who struggles with you, who walks beside you.  I am one who has taken steps as you have taken steps.  I have felt of pain, and I have felt of release, and I have felt of the union and acknowledgment in the oneness of the Creator.  In that place, truly, I am blessed.  I ask of that blessing for you and for all peoples of Earth.

I Aum Monka.

Salu Salu Salu