ONES OF THE DARK ROBES – (Serapis Bey) – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 118)

(Serapis Bey)

(Excerpt from newsletter vol. 118)

Greetings – Serapis Bey here……  As you look at the date of this communication, (October) you will note the ones of the Dark Robes have little time to run rampant and create the high degree of chaos on your planet.  This time period is passed to them to allow unbalance and negativity to have a free-hand with ones of the planet.  Many, many ones respond to this period.  The Eternal One gives all facets an opportunity in your “haven of duality.”  Many ones on your small planet thrive in accelerated duality.  Look at the random number of killings – interruption of the life stream – car bombings that kill innocent peoples, and on and on.    Such actions are led and fed by the negative energies put forth by these ones.  Again, all is done in the name of God, but which facet of Source do they feel speaks to them?  You on Earth hear and acknowledge what you desire to hear or acknowledge.  Your country has entered a holy war as my Brother has said. Thinking, philosophies, and ways of life are not easily changed because one ruler is replaced by another.  All governing of peoples is a process.  Each must allow the process to unfold as they are ready.  The process cannot be altered; the cycle required will differ within the hearts of those in the process.

Look at your own government.  By the choice of the majority, your government is experiencing tremendous turmoil.  That which was absolute for your leaders is no longer their foundation.  They are being questioned and they have not answers.  The governing few have stalled your own government into inaction or stasis.  The individual belief and trust in ones appointed to govern has disappeared.  Peoples’ lives have been put in danger in their need for absolute power and control.  The right of the individual has been put aside to accomplish motives not known by the masses.  Many of these “power brokers” feel their actions and motive are beyond the power of the law of the land they govern.  Individual value and worth is insignificant in comparison to their personal needs and desires.  They feel their value is much greater than those they govern.  May they be elected or appointed, there is not great difference.  Power and position in the power triad is intoxicating – and they have drunk from the vessel.  They have become intoxicated with power and self-importance.  The law of each land (country) has been given to serve the greatest number of the land.  Is it being read as such?  I think not.

But even as these thoughts are being put to paper, remember all is in Divine Order and part of the process.  This is a period when individuals must look within and know what their hearts tell them.  It is by this the Divine Essence in each may guide the individual in this chaotic period.  This connection within is the stabilizing force for each.  Each must choose his pathe and follow it.  Just as power and greed can be one pathe, so also can be truth and mercy.  Kindness to one another and value of your brothers can walk with power and greed. It can even cause the ones of greed and power to alter their pathes.

That which I speak to you is not new; it is only a reminder to hold fast.  Big changes come from many small steps taken in sureness of each of those steps.

Be at peace.

Be filled with joy.

Akmen Akmen Akmen


Serapis Bey, closing.

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