MOBEUS LOOP – (Breatrix)

Question:  Could you explain what a mobeus loop is and what it is used for?

Beatrix:  Greetings all ones upon the Emerauld, Beatrix here to reply to your question.  Indeed, that which you speak is better known in other realms than it is upon your own.  There is an energy pattern that is established within this loop.  And as specific points are brought together within the loop there is a commonality that accelerates and magnifies the energy flow that is existent within the loop.  In the days ahead, there shall be a careful study of this method of energy convergence for there is a commonality of points within this that shall bring about an energy acceleration for those that are working with it.

            You upon your planet in many instances do not recognize the resources that you have available to you that do not cost your dollars and cents.  You do not recognize the fact that by working with the ley lines of your planet, and bringing about an alignment with your polar regions that you can set up a forcefield that will indeed bring electrical power to you.  This loop is another example of how energy can be harnessed in a simple manner merely by altering the pattern of specific lines to produce a greater magnetic attraction in the field of commonality to bring about a greater energy source for you.  I have not gone into great detail but have merely touched the tip of the iceberg that I might answer your question.  I trust this is sufficient at this time.