Message from El Morya


Light is the result or observation of inertia being brushed by ertia.  How does that pertain to you as a worker of Light in your world today?  Light signifies, indeed manifests an alteration in the existent.

You who seek, bring about this friction or touching with all you consciously or non-consciously touch.  To touch does not have to be a physical act, it can be as a thought sent forth, or an emotional exchange or a spiritual communion.  It can be the result of all energy from an individual’s totality as it passes through, is altered and changed.  It is the ever-present, ever-changing energy as it meets and touches your totality.  It is the spark as energy is.  The spark is the recognition of energy alteration or modification.

Your ability to acknowledge this “Light” within yourself and others is directly related to the degree you acknowledge, accept and utilize the Source Essence within your own being-ness.  Workers of the Light are beings of change just by their own personal acknowledgement of who and what they are.  The mountain does not have to move to know it can.

Your planet has entered into a holy war.  It is a dispute between two basic ideologies.  Both, at their core hold similar and close concepts for life.  Yet, at their fringe are ones who utilize fringe ideologies to control and dominate others.  In the sphere of duality the no-similarity is oft emphasized over the commonalities.  How can there be disagreement without opposing views?  In each case the emphasis of the differences holds the focus, thus the energy is intense, yet fragmented.  The result is an energy of chaos, intense on either side and chaotic as it collides with the other.  The focus of commonality is lost in the fringe as it battles for recognition.  This spills forth o’er your planet causing confusion and chaos, disruption and mayhem.

Is it right or wrong?  It simply is.  It is part of a process.  This process can be part of the cycle of commonality or it can be self perpetuating with added chaos and disruption.

Those about you who seek to emphasize the differenced dominance of one ideology’s dominance over another gain in power and control.  Theirs is a battle of mental and emotionally charged battle for dominance.

How does this equate in the Thought of Light?  Each ideology define Light as right and manipulates its masses to its unique definition. The result is a confusion of energies resulting in a chaotic pattern of friction in the over-all energy pattern about the planet.

Those who have traveled of the Pathe of Enlightenment feel of the chaotic interactions of the energies as they move within and without their sphere.  They – you – feel the chaos and cry for the balance and harmony of their individual Divine and Eternal Essence.

How is this done?  It is accomplished by each individual -you – as they – you seek all things which allow the Divine and Eternal Essence to dominate each thought, word, and deed.  This pathe is as individual as the Essence itself.  For most it is the seeking in meditation, prayer, or method of quietness so that communion with the Essence can be attained.  The statement, “I AUM” allows the total vessel to be filled with harmony.  It allows the individual Essence to expand, pulsate and control the totality of the individual to bring forth harmony in the chaotic surrounding.  This declaration removes the individual from one facet of their totality to the focus of all facets in unison with the Divine Eternal Essence as its lead or dominant facet.

This symbol of the Ancients (circle with dot in center) was this statement.  It was oft placed over the door of a dwelling to let others who entered know of the focus of the dwelling’s occupant.  It was also worn on a cord about the neck of an individual to remind them of their focus or purpose of the life journey.  It served as a focus of communion with the Eternal Essence within themselves and within all of creation.

This declaration made in quietness three times each sun cycle assists the individual to be in universal harmony through each sun cycle.  Declare this as the first act upon awakening and as the last act before sleep.  Make this declaration as many or few times during your day as is necessary to maintain this state of harmony.  Lift your thoughts to this symbol to focus your thoughts, actions, and words.

At this place in your cycle, look within.  Hold the Law – you can change or alter only and solely that which you are.  The harmony of the universe then goes forth as a catalyst to assist in harmony out of chaos.  The key is the degree of harmony achieved by each individual within themselves.  Light is the harmony of energy as it interacts with the chaotic energy pattern.  This does not impose, rather allows.  This does not dictate.  This encourages.  This does not control.  This allows.  No version of interpretation of Divine is imposed, rather each is fed to nurture and allow the Divine within to come forth for expression.  Each individual Essence speaks to the Essence within another in harmony and Divine Order.  This is the Light of Source, the essence of creation.

Even as the symbol has been given, note it is in the third dimensional context.  It is to still the being and allow a focus on the door to extended consciousness.  In this state the individual can cross the boundary imposed by the five senses to enter into a state, place, sphere where the consciousness is not limited.  The soul in spirit vehicle can experience the interconnectedness with all of its plane and adjoining planes.  When this plane or state is achieved ere is light – the vibration of commonality and harmony.  It is the threads of energy vibrating at varied vibrational levels all in harmony without individual disruption in any pattern.  Which is the experience you call being “Light”.

Let us now take the focus of the individual to a more finely tuned point.  This focus allows the individual to be without predefined parameters, to experience the commonality of all experienced.  There is no separate vibration, rather a flow of energy with muted center cores defining other individuals.  There is oneness with all and a released flow of pure energy among all of creation.  In third dimensional or plane terms this is to achieve a level of consciousness, of oneness.  It is conscious because it is the second step in your step of meditation.

In what you refer to as your ancient times symbols were used to assist the initiate on their journey to actualization.  Each symbol carried its own coded energy pattern to assist the initiate.  These symbols were not understood by those of different journeys.

The arc indicated the actual pathe of all energy as it emanated from Source – represents the Divine facet in its expression – Source facet entering containment for experience and ultimately expression.  It is the divine facet opening itself to the opportunity to be in harmony with all – flowing with all in a consciousness beyond the containment of the five senses.

Meditation is simply that.  It is a place, point, or space attained in the conscience state which is not limited by the parameters of the five senses.  Even as it is not limited so it also heightens the five senses experience.  In the quietness of the individual initiate, the focus shifts from symbol to symbol (focus shifts gradually to maintain the dot in the center as the limitation of the circle gradually opens to allow numerous arcs of energy – without limitation – emanate from/about the dot in rhythmic patterns) opening energy patterns in the initiate, allowing a flow of energy as defined by you as Light – a heightened intensity of transmission.  Light is the movement of all energy in the creative state – creative state – that is a new thought for you.

As you are released from the archetype, your divine facet experiences various creative states in its journey to attaining perfection.  Each creative state represents added/new experiences for Divine Expression.

You say, “My experiences remain the same”.  I ask, “Do they?”  Look, evaluate and recognize the subtle changes within you in each experience.  Hold the focus for Divine lead.  See each experience from the Divine within you.  Feel how the repetitive experience changes.  Allow yourself the quietness within to be one with the experience.  Focus on the symbol to release the parameters of the senses, feel the flow of the unseen but experienced energy flow in the experience.  In this is the beauty and flow of Light – Pure Light.  It is the first step of being in the material sphere but not contained, yea, limited by it.  The experience changes.  It is no longer repetitive, but is altered, taking on a new vibration.

In your sphere of separation or limited containment, there is separation of your lead sense in all you do.  Your mental activities are contained by the parameters of your five senses.  When you enter into the experience do you truly relish it with the five senses?  Do you let your Divine Origin express?  Are you bound by only limited use of your material senses?

I offer you a small experience as demonstration.  Fill a basin with warm water.  Add soap to create a bubbly mixture.  Place your hand in the basin.  What do you feel?  What do you see?  What do you smell?  What do your taste buds experience?  What do you hear?  What is the experience in your being?

Next empty the basin.  Fill it with warm water and add soap.  You are recreating the same experience.  Before you place your hand in the basin, breathe deeply three times, exhaling after each breath.  Focus upon the symbol.  Close your eyes, holding the thought of the symbol.  Place you r hand in the basin.  What is your experience?  Is the experience altered?  Can you feel the flow of the waters with your hand?  As you do this can you feel the energy flow between your beingness and the warm bubbling water?  Can you enter into the state in which you and the basin and its contents flow in harmony?  This is Light – true energy flowing, accepting, no parameters or limitations.

Light – the thought has multiple definitions in the third dimension.  As you travel of your pathe and lessen your parameters, the thought Light takes on multiple layers of meaning.  Hence, when using the term you must define it according to your own parameters.  In your third dimension Light can be colors, intensities and boundaries.  As you progress in Mastery, Light becomes white – pure white containing its many facets of color, intensities and parameters, definition or limitation.  Masters who work among you control the pure Light to release intensities within specific parameters. Or they may openly be the Pure White Light which is undetected by third dimensional beings.  In the latter illustration they may pass others – offering harmony to their energy patterns.  Or in the first illustration they will focus a specific pattern of color within predetermined parameters to be accepted or not by others.  The initiate on his pathe of mastery learns which can offer the greatest degree of harmony in a specific experience.

Your famous formula E=MC2 is correct from your dimension’s view.  But as you look from beyond your dimension into it the equation might read: Matter equals energy reduced to the speed of the dimension will indicate Light compatible with the Matter so all components can be defined within dimensional parameters.  Or Light reduced to the speed of matter equals acknowledged energy.  Acknowledged energy is defined by the parameters of the third dimension.

You can experience Light as the energy flowing through you.  Yet it cannot be directed as it has its own pathe – arc – to follow –  just as love as the pure energy love cannot be directed but allowed to flow through you on its divine pathe.  Neither is sent or received but is allowed to flow with no parameters to alter or impede its pathe.  Thus you as Workers of the Light allow a flow through your totality, placing no parameters upon it. You, to be in balance and harmony with your totality, act as dispersing points for pure flow through you – unaltered, unchanged.

As you have traveled of your many pathes toward self mastery, you have received many variations of instructions. This is the next step on your pathe of refinement to being your own totality.  BE – allow pure flow of Divine energy sans contamination and release.  Keep an open vessel that naught is colored by your vessel.

As the keepers of the seven rays we release to you equal portions to be Light in pure balance.  As you allow this flow, your total rhythm will quicken.  There will be no distinction between Love and Light.  It will be simply pure energy flowing through your totality making it available for those who have not yet taken the steps likened to yours.

We the Masters of the Seven Rays ask this of you – the workers of the Light on the Emerauld – help to bring harmony by allowing.  Help others, the peace makers, the healers, and others by allowing your vessel to be used in this manner.  Be the calm in the eye of the storm so the storm might slow to the gentle breeze.

Look about you, knowing all is in Divine Order and is of the Divine Process for harmony on your plane.  We, the Keepers of the Seven Rays, salute you for being the calm in the chaos. The trust each of you accepted is acknowledged and commended.  You are never alone.

Peace   Joy   Love


Akmen      Akmen     Akmen     Kadeim