LIFE ON FETOGIA IN THE THIRD GALAXY – (Excerpted from “Letters from Home: Vol. II”)


Greetings eartheans, it is Cuptan Fetogia speaking.  Blessings in the Light of the Divine Principle to all of your planet from all of us…..

I send forth the message of PEACE to all of earth man-kind.  I speak only in peace of all man-kind of all universes, of all galaxies.  It is hoped that all of the unresolved energies that are presently being so beautifully contained within this universe of yours will shortly be put to constructive and purposeful use.  It is also our wish for each of you and all of your galaxy that you might arrive at the point that you recognize the futility of warring and weapon build-up.  It is our sincere desire for each of you that you feel of the peace of the Divine Principle that is yours at your inception.  O’eartheans, we ask for you to be able to live in the state that is now ours with the same anticipation that we have at the thought of moving into the next spatial dimension.

I am known within the councils as the Elder Statesman for my time of inception has been long, long ago.  It is with my hand that the planet of Fetogia is guided and represented.  I speak as the example of love and wisdom to all those who dwell here on this planet.

Our rule is not one as your governments but is one that is a measure to guide those that are entrusted to our space.  The rules that are put forth to be followed here on Fetogia are minimal, and are limited to only those areas that must be arbitrarily determined.  Some, you see are on different levels of evolution here so there must be some guidance for all to follow.

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