ARCHANGELS (Excerpted from newsletters)- ARCHANGEL GABRIEL MMMMMM AUMMMMMM AUMMMMMM Come, come open the door with me that I might speak in the tongue of man, that he too might receive. I am Gabriel. I am kno-n as the messenger of hope, of prophecy, of that which is yet to come. I speak as the messenger of all ones who are of my station that I might bring greetings and kno-ing to the children of Earth. As they would have… ... Continue Reading
DEFINING THE UNDEFINABLE – (I am without name)- (I am without name) Greetings in the Eternal One. I am without name, or size or definition. I speak from the heart of the God Source to awaken the sleeping ones. Awaken! Awaken! Awaken! This shall be the cry to come. Awaken to the Truth. Awaken to the Love. Awaken to the Light. Let there be no separation. Only that which is the delineation of each as that is part of the whole. You can… ... Continue Reading
DISCERNMENT- Theoaphylos              I am that one that is known as Theoaphylos.  Some of you know me; others know me not.  Let it suffice to say that I have been where you are and I have grown beyond that which you are and I have come into that which is my mastery - and it is my desire for you that you, too, would attain that which is your mastery; that you would not be limited… ... Continue Reading
E=MC2 – (Cum-Ah) – (Excerpts from newsletters)- Look now at that which is E = MC2 from not the third dimension but from the universal laws. First: E = energy; M = Mass; C2 = the speed of Light times itself. This is a linear concept which when followed to its conclusion draws itself into that which is perceived as infinity. Infinity then is perceived as that which is the completion and summation of all. This could, in the most simplistic of… ... Continue Reading
EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM – (Beatrix)- Some of you as you travel back through your experiences before this embodiment will recall some of the education that you have experienced on Helox. Just as no two entities are exactly alike, how can we begin to attempt to educate -- and here that is an incorrect word also -- how can we help ones to grow in their own development and their awareness if we try to do everyone the same way? Each… ... Continue Reading
ELEMENTAL KINGDOM – (Tobias)- Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am Tobias. And for those of you with eye to see, I am sitting between Master and Mistress. I am about 18 inches tall, and I have a beautiful green sweater. And I have a fedora that has a feather in it. And I have lovely socks that come up to my knees. Some of you would say, I look like your interpretation of a leprechaun. That is all… ... Continue Reading
ENTERING A CHAOTIC STATE – (Ashtar)- Salutations Ones of the Earth Planet I am Ashtar. Blessings and greetings from all ones of the Fleet. As you are aware the earth’s people have entered a chaotic state. The idea of harmony and universal peace seems to be a distant goal. Change is not always a smooth process. I speak this hour to encourage and reinforce the ones working in Light. You have previously been alerted to this phase upon your planet. Your… ... Continue Reading
FEAR AND HYSTERIA – (Newsletter vol. 102)- I am that one who is kno'n to you as Theoaphylos. I am of the seventh level, of the seventh dimension, of the seventh sphere, of the seventh whatever you desire. This hour as we would speak and share in thought, I would share of that which is called fear and hysteria. The Great One ("That which comes from the Great Central Sun") spoke of this, but the vibration we received was one of not… ... Continue Reading
HEALING TEMPLES OF THE SECOND GALAXY (Opheus)- Blessings in the light of the Divine One - to each one that is of the same circle as well of those that are the unseen ones. There has been a note of uncertainly as we have hesitated as to what our portion would be at this time. We are attempting, we have attempted, and we have accomplished our attempt in setting up communication with one particular one from the second galaxy. ... Continue Reading
LEARNING, UNDERSTANDING AND KNOWING- (Morya)             By that which is the sign of the heart, the head and the hand, I would come and I would join with you.  I am that one that is known as Morya.  You have heard of me, I presume.  For I have indeed heard of you...  And so it is, we will speak, you and I.  And what shall we speak of this hour?  It has been given unto me that there are… ... Continue Reading
LIFE ON FETOGIA IN THE THIRD GALAXY – (Excerpted from “Letters from Home: Vol. II”)- Greetings eartheans, it is Cuptan Fetogia speaking. Blessings in the Light of the Divine Principle to all of your planet from all of us….. I send forth the message of PEACE to all of earth man-kind. I speak only in peace of all man-kind of all universes, of all galaxies. It is hoped that all of the unresolved energies that are presently being so beautifully contained within this universe of yours will shortly be put… ... Continue Reading
MOBEUS LOOP – (Breatrix)- Question:  Could you explain what a mobeus loop is and what it is used for? Beatrix:  Greetings all ones upon the Emerauld, Beatrix here to reply to your question.  Indeed, that which you speak is better known in other realms than it is upon your own.  There is an energy pattern that is established within this loop.  And as specific points are brought together within the loop there is a commonality that accelerates and magnifies… ... Continue Reading
ONE LANGUAGE – (Sarna)- Question: Will planet Earth ever have one language? Answer: I am Sarna to reply, and it is with joy that I say, oh yes, my brother, yes. There shall be one language. There shall be one blending of energies as each one is allowed to grow along their path, and are respected in that which they do. As Earth evolves and those evolve with her, language shall no longer be necessary. But thought transference shall… ... Continue Reading
ONES OF THE DARK ROBES – (Serapis Bey) – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 118)- Greetings – Serapis Bey here…… As you look at the date of this communication, (October) you will note the ones of the Dark Robes have little time to run rampant and create the high degree of chaos on your planet. This time period is passed to them to allow unbalance and negativity to have a free-hand with ones of the planet. Many, many ones respond to this period. The Eternal One gives all facets an… ... Continue Reading
PARALLEL REALITIES- (Monka)             In that which is the light of the Perfection, I greet you.  It is with joy, which reflects throughout and from my whole totality, I speak with you.  I am Monka.  What joy I feel as our energies once again blend in union.              A concept has been projected to you, for you to become accustomed to and to help you develop a definite curiosity.  That concept could be called “parallel realities.”  Even… ... Continue Reading
SASQUATCH KINGDOM – (Chu-Ah) – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 116)- Greetings, Tuieta. Chu-Ah here………. I bring blessings and greetings to you from my mate and my offspring. It is quiet now in the valley. The first winter blanket has descended upon us, and indeed, the streams are hard about the edges and their flow has decreased. Most of the four-legged ones have sought shelter in trees or perhaps in areas that they have dug to keep themselves warm and safe. It is a peaceful time… ... Continue Reading
SHARING OF LOVE – (Ming Ling)- With your kind permission, if you would receive of me, I shall share with you thoughts from my star, from your brothers, from your sisters who yearn for you too to be able to share all that we share, that our circle of sharing, our circle of growing might become larger to include the whole of this Universe. I have come forth and for a very short period I shall reside within one of the… ... Continue Reading
SOULS COMING INTO THIS GALAXY – (Leika)- Greetings eartheans. I am Captain Leika at your service. I too serve in the Light of the Radiant One. And though I do not come specifically under the immediate command of Commander Ashtar, I serve in a different realm on a different assignment. My planet is one that is not known to you. And I shared its name before (that this one might be familiar with it.) It is Aron-u-tuk. And here I feel this… ... Continue Reading
THE EAGLES ARE GATHERING – (Beatrix)- It is with joy that I enter your field that I might speak with you. Beatrix here. As I observe planet Earth and those of you who have taken on embodiment at this hour there is a great recognition. Those of you that have eye to see on your plane shall become increasingly aware of a chain of events, of activities that are taking place upon your planet. Stations are being constructed. No, these are… ... Continue Reading
THE EARTH MOTHER – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 88)- Cum, sit beside my waters, Be nourished, be cleansed. Feel of my tears. As each ocean, each lake is filled to its capacity, Drink of my waters, my tears. Feel as your thirst is quenched. I am filled to over-flowing to give, To serve you in your struggle to perfection. Cum drink, be cleansed. O' ye small ones for whom I am entrusted, Feel of my joy, Hear my laughter, As you stand first on… ... Continue Reading
THE SLEEPING VOID – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 88)- I am that which lies in wakening To be touched by the gentle whisper of the Eternalness. I wriggle and stretch And dance the dance of joy As I come into my beingness by this mere touch. For it sets me free To be the imagination, To be the fulfillment of imagination, Of dreams. I give willingly of that which I am To set into motion all which perpetuates the myth of totality. For I,… ... Continue Reading
TO WORKERS OF THE LIGHT – (El Morya) – (Excerpt from newsletter vol 117)- Light is the result or observation of inertia being brushed by ertia. How does that pertain to you as a worker of Light in your world today? Light signifies, indeed, manifests an alteration in the existent. You who seek, bring about this friction or touching with all you consciously or non-consciously touch. To touch does not have to be a physical act, it can be as a thought sent forth, or an emotional exchange or… ... Continue Reading
VOLUNTEERS – (Leika)- Greetings in the Light of our Radiant One. It is Captain Leika here to speak with you briefly. You have put forth the question of your dwelling place prior to entry into this universe. With your permission, I shall briefly try to describe your evolution so that you and others might have a greater understanding of how you have arrived on planet Earth. ... Continue Reading
WHO OR WHAT IS ASHTAR? – (Excerpt newsletters vol. 85-87)- Ashtar: Good morning, Tuieta. It is with great joy we feel the balance which has returned to you. We have felt of your struggle, yet, as you know, we have been but able to stand by you as you take your steps for we cannot interfere. As you feel the awakening of the golden sun, let it be a symbol for you of your own awakening. As the sun returns to warm your part of… ... Continue Reading