By that which is the sign of the heart, the head and the hand, I would come and I would join with you.  I am that one that is known as Morya.  You have heard of me, I presume.  For I have indeed heard of you…  And so it is, we will speak, you and I.  And what shall we speak of this hour?  It has been given unto me that there are questions that you have, and even as you have questions, so it is I have questions that I will pose to you.

            Let us speak this hour of that which is Knowing, that which is Understanding, and that which is Learning.  Do you know the difference?  Do you?  Do you know the difference?  What is the difference?  (participants comments)  What do you know, not what do you think, not what you understand, but say to me that which you know.  (comments)  You know I exist.  Do you know you exist?  (“Yes”)  What is the difference between you know this and you understand it?  How do you come to know this?  And I desire not to put you in the limelight, fair one.  (“I just know it”)

            Let us explore that.  Let us explore that.  You just know it.  Do you know it with your intellect?  Do you know it with your emotion?  Do you know it with your thinking?  How do you know?  And one would say to me first, “Good Master, I read a book.”  And I would say, good for you, I hope you read many books, but how do you know?  Because a book will not give you knowing.  A book will not give you understanding.  Did you know that?  For all of these books you read, you know, they will not give you understanding, and yet a book is a wondrous thing.  You grow silent with me and you look puzzled.  That is good, because when you puzzle then it is you begin to use that which is your portion that you have kind of let sleep, shall we say.

            Let us start with the book, shall we?  This is something we all know, is it not, a book?  When you open a book or you attend a class, what happens?  You learn.  You learn, and learning is a rote action that happens upon your plane.  Learning is that which is a regurgitation of something that someone else understands.  Did you know that?  So when you learn something, all you’re doing is regurgitating.  That doesn’t sound very nice, does it?  But you must start somewhere.  And so you open the book and you read it, and you come to this which you can say back, you can give back to someone.  And then there is something that happens within you.  There is a little spark, and you take that that you have read from the book and you see the situation, and it fits.  It goes together.  Then you have understanding.  Hmmm?  Have you thought of it that way?

            You are a wondrous machine.  You have that which you call your computer, do you not?  You are more wondrous than a computer.  You are a wondrous machine.  You have such capabilities, because you can take that which is the written word, which is the spoken word, which is the experience that you learn from, and you begin to take it inside of you and you understand something.  You really understand it.

            Do you remember when you were a small child, and you discovered a wondrous experience and you went running into your mother to tell her about it.  It was so great.  It was a simple thing, but you understood it.  Because when you understand, then you can make it happen, and you cannot make it happen as long as you just learn about it.  Can you remember when you took your first step?  That was yesterday, was it not?  You took your first step.  You had watched, even when you were just so small, you had watched and you were learning within you, and this learning activates certain cells within your brain and certain nerve endings wake up.  But as a child you watched as these big ones went running back and forth, and you wanted to do it too.  And you watched very closely until you took that first full step.  Then you understood how the machine worked, to get it mobile.  It was the first step along that way.  Did you know that?  All of this went on within you.

            You went to school.  Most of you went to a school, did you not, upon your plane?  And you learn many things in your school, do you not?  And one of them you learn is you don’t have to understand, you just learn.  Is this so?  And so there was a portion of you that was blocked, literally, by your educational system.  Because what do you do?  You regurgitate back and regurgitate back and regurgitate back.  And yet, even in that you build and you begin to understand.  Remember when you began to read and you began to count?  And then you went into various forms of mathematics.  And then there came that day when you opened your first history book, and you found what a wondrous place it was, the planet that you were on.  And so you began to take some of these things, your arithmetic, your history, your reading, these skills, and you began to put them together and so it wasn’t just a regurgitation.  It was an understanding.  Someone talked to you of the moon and the stars, and you began to understand of distances, space, time.  Many things.  Your whole lifetime you have been understanding.

            What is it to know?  For you see, knowing is not limited by learning or experience.  Knowing is that which you have within your totality.  Do you remember when you were that in your teen-age years, and you fell in love?  Do you remember that?  Remember how it hurt.  Remember the pain, and the joy when the other one would look at you and you would for goodness sake not let them know what you felt.  But you felt it with your totality, did you not?…..

            But you knew within your totality that that one was your sun, your moon, your stars, everything, did you not?  Hmmm?  Understanding didn’t cut it.  Learning didn’t cut it.  You just knew it.  This is knowing.  And knowing is within your totality.  Knowing comes from an awakening within you, a realization within you.  It is not limited to your plane.  It is not enhanced by your plane.  Your plane has nothing to do with it.  For your knowing comes from that which is your divine spark, the perfection that started you out.  There your knowing is.  It is just that you forget.  And you allow these other things to come in and cloud the issue.

            When you come to a state of knowing about something, anything, that you can say with your totality, “I know”, so it is there is that which is released within you that is ne’er released.  And I speak not of that which is your jargon that says, “Oh, I know how to get there or I know this or I know that.”  I’m not talking about that.  I’m talking about real knowing.  There is that which is released within you.  It is released through that which are the triunes of the glands that are within your brain.  You have heard of them?  You call them the pineal, the thalamus, the pituitary, you have heard of these?  Let me say that it would be that which would grease the skids on which you would operate, for there is a specific release.  And you are never the same, once you can say you know something.

            Think back.  Think.  Think about that which you know and you don’t know.  Think.  You cannot be sure that I exist on another plane, so how can you know?  You can be sure that I am part of you and you are part of me, though I am not you and you are not me.  That you can be sure of.  What can you know?  What can you know?  (comments)  Is that an illusion?  Is it limited by dimension?  For knowing has no limits.  Knowing is a connection with the Infinite.  That which you see with your external eye is an illusion, and it is limited by dimensional parameters.  That which you would see with your internal eye is but a projection of the outer.  Can you see something with your internal eye and know with your totality it is so?  Some of you can.  Some of you can.  I shan’t argue with you.  I merely put questions to help you to see what is within you.  For you see, I will give you no answers.  I give you a lot of questions.  But can you?  Does it — or is it a tool that helps you to know, that you have a closer tie to that knowing.

            And what of the voice that speaks to you in the quietness of your being, is this another tool that assists you?  And what happens when you peel away all of these things?  You stand there in the nakedness of your divinity, do you not?  You peel away your form, that which you hear, that which you see, what you smell, what you taste, and you are standing there in your divinity.  And I ask you, is that not the one thing that you can know, that you are divine, and you know that with your totality? 

            What do you think?  Do you think this is so?  Have you thought of it this way before?  (comments)  And these ones will have no knowing, until they recognize that there is that which is beyond their myopic vision.  For there are those that would look at their form and they would say, “That’s me”.  Is it not so?  But you would look at this form, those of you that have eyes that turn out to see, the form does not look like that which you think Morya would look like, does it?  No.  And yet I speak through this one.  And she and I right now, we share an energy together, an energy pattern that is unique unto that which is the experience that she and I share.

            But you have brought up — what of these ones that do not recognize, what of them?  What happens to them?  Would it make you feel better if I said they were condemned to wherever for as long as they need to be?  No.  Because you know they are part of you.  They are part of that which is Totality, are they not?  They are part of that which is Creator manifesting upon this plane.  But shall we say they have come for specific experiences.  They have come for specific thoughts; they have come to learn certain things. 

            And there is that which is called the veil and it has fallen down for them, that they would deny.  And what happens when you deny?  Huh?  What happens when you deny?  (“It closes off a portion”)  What portion?  You see I will not let you get by with that.  What portion would you close off?  (“Part of your knowing”)  But these ones have understanding and these ones have learning.  They just don’t want to know.  See, you have opened up a kettle, have you not?  Hmmm.

            There is that which is the free will choice, is there not?  And each has free will to do that which they would do.  And know you upon your plane there are ones that have no soul?  There are ones, for they have denied their divinity.  And some would say they had sold their soul to the Devil, but they have denied their divinity.  And so they would have no Divine connection.  For you may sever your Divine connection, but that which is Creator Source does not sever the connection with you.  Do you get the difference?  And those that would deny, they have chosen to sever their connections, but Creator Source has not severed the connection to them.  And so, it is that their soul, if you would use that word, their divine spirit, continues to have nourishment from that which is Divinity, but they do not blossom as quickly because it is a one-way street. 

            For you recognize, every time you acknowledge your divinity, you increase your own knowing, and you receive nourishment.  Just as I spoke to you and I said to you that there is that which is a fluid that is released within you when you can say, “I know”.  And it will be measured by your scientists.  It will be observed by your scientists.  It will be calibrated on your tests by your scientists.  Just as I have said this to you, so it is these ones shrivel and they do not receive the same nourishment, because the nourishment must be a flow, an exchange.  You know, there is not, there is naught with Creator Source that goes just one way.  There is always a flow.  There is a flow.  As there is an out-breath, so there is the in-breath.  There is a flow.  And as you would desire to manifest your perfection, as you would desire to stand on your little flat feet, plant them firmly and say, “I know”, so it is that there is more that comes to you and you are flooded.  You are flooded.  Do you understand?  Do you understand what I am saying?  If you don’t, well, say so.

            (“The Creator will never give up on each soul.”)  This is so.  (comment about one on another plane)  This one does not have to accomplish this on the Earth plane.  It can be on any plane.  It can be on any plane.  And so it is, in fact, it is easier on another plane than it is on yours.  You don’t have as much diversion.  You have many external stimuli on your plane, do you not?  So you have more diversion on your plane.

            But there comes that moment with all that is creation — not creation but creators, that they recognize of their divinity.  And it is then that they cry out for reunion.  You have heard that, ones that say, “I saw the Light”, and you have heard those that have said, “I have been saved”.  What other are there of your Judo-Christian words that you use, hmmm?  (comments)  What does it really mean?  They have awakened to their divinity, to the perfection that they are, that they might say, “I know”.  And as they would enter into that experience, it would be very difficult to be around them for a few days, would it not?

            How about you, when you had your first experience in this particular age that you would call the New Age?  Were you not a little difficult to be around for awhile?  Hmmm?  You had much to learn.  And then finally it is that you mellow out and you recognize that everyone has their own choice, huh?  That everyone can do their own thing.  And that you really can’t change them.  And there went our crusaders down with a bang.  But it is so.  You would say?  (“The soul is the recognition or knowing of divinity, and if you don’t have the knowing of divinity then there is no soul?”)  No.  This is not what I said.  (“So how do you go to not having a soul?”)  It’s a denial. 

            That which is the Divinity, which has come from Creator Source, which is an out-breath that you might picture as a shower of stars, are portions of Divinity that go forth.  Each one of those, as it would enter into a dimensional experience, would be clothed in those experiences.  This could be translated, the divinity that is clothed within the soul.  The soul would be the house of the experiences, since that spark left Divine Creator Source.  There would be those by their own choosing — (“like darkness?”)  It could be dark force — (like fallen angels?)  It could be.  It could be ones that would say, “Forget it”, that they would choose to deny that they had a divine portion.  And so all of their experiences, the walls that are going around that would be the soul, would be experiences that would deny the God Source.  For when they would leave of your plane, they would go into that which is a space they have created themselves.  And that space, perhaps, would be a space that would deny of Creator Source. 

            Now those that would be called the Lords of Karma in their infinite wisdom would see these ones and they would say, “Let them have opportunity again to come into embodiment, that they would recognize.  For where they are within all that is, there is no recognition.”  And so it is, this one would find that they would embody, for they would be brought along by the Lords of Karma, and yet they would not recognize that’s what it was, because they have denied the whole thing.  But let’s say Big Brother would suggest, why don’t they go try it again.  You could get that concept, can you?  And so it is, they would again enter and they again would have experiences.

            And there would be those still different that would, as you would say, sell their soul to the Dark Ones that they would be used, and that is a different group.  But these ones do not, because they want to be shown.  They would say to me, “If you would speak, well then fine, show yourself to me, otherwise I do not believe it.  If it does not manifest within the dimension that I am in, I do not believe it.”  And so they would have their opportunity.  And then there would be one day, one moment within their evolution, that there would be that experience for them that would let them know they are divine.  And then everything would fall into place for them.  Does that help you to understand?  (comments)  They are always, even those that would be called the Dark Ones are part of Creator.  You hear of soul as that which is the divine portion.  You hear of soul as that which is an experience.  You hear of Divine, which is a spirit.  You hear of it in many ways.  It is always there.  Even that which would be called Lucifer has divinity within him.  But, do you know the difference?

            Do you know why ones such as the Dark Ones — do you know the difference between those and you?  (comments)  But then why do they go around recruiting ones?  (“Because they want to be God”)  Well, if they want to be God and they’re part of God, why can’t they?  (“They want to create by their own rules”)  They cannot create.  They can only increase by that which they can lure, which they can woo, but they cannot create.  That is part of the rules that all would go by.  They cannot create.  And so it is, there would be ones that would be of the Darkness.

            And those that you would see and you would gaze into their eye and there would be no one home — have you seen these ones?  Have they released their soul to the ones of Darkness? 

And what does this have to do with knowing, hmmm?  It has everything to do with knowing.  For this but gives you an understanding, does it not?  Does it not help you to put another piece of the puzzle together, that you would understand a little bit different way?

            And I say to you when next we would come together, I would speak to you in a different way that I would cause you to question and to think.  For the answers are within you.  You have all the answers.  And I would share with you this hour an energy that would help you to awaken.  Part of that that is here, that is asleep, four-fifths that lives up there (in head) is asleep.  Did you know that?  And I would share an energy with you to help you to begin to awaken, that there would be just one energy that would hop from the end of one neuron to the end of another neuron, that there would be, through that synapse, some understanding for you that you might be able to say, “I know.  I know.”

            There are those that would give up their soul.  You have heard of the term, sell your soul to the Devil?  Is that one you have heard?  There are those that would want something that has dimensional parameters, and they would want something so badly that they would do anything to have it.  Have you heard of those?  And what is it most of the time they want, power, is it not, and control?  And so it is, this would be seen as an opportunity to use the energies that that one is, to accomplish by the ones of Darkness.  And the ones of Darkness would promise, just as you have had your stories, that they would be given this, that or the other.  And so it is.  But then they would leave of this dimension, and when they leave of this dimension they would go into that which they have created.

            For know, each of you go into a place for a time you have created.  If you would see that beyond your dimension is all fluffy clouds and white robes and harps, then that’s what you would have when you would first go, because that is what you have created to be there.  And these ones, because they have given up so much of their totality to another one, know that they will experience that which they call Hell, hmmm?  And so it is, they would go into a state of absence from the Divine Source.  And it is only when they have come to realize their absence, that they have severed their part of the connection, part of the flow, and they cry out and ask for assistance, that they are immediately swooped up — swooped out, swooped in, swooped down, wherever you want to swoop to — because they have established their part of the flow.  They have re-established it.  And it is always there.  And that one which would use the energies of others finds that it decreases. 

            This is how your story has gotten going about the Devil and about good and bad.  It is a choice.  It is always a choice that is made by the individual.  And the choice usually is based upon the experiences that that divinity, that divine spark, has had.  If I said to each of you that you have had a chance to dance a merry tune with the ones of the Dark Robes, would you believe me?  (“Yes”)  Who won?  And would you say that you shall have this opportunity again?  ‘Cause where is the greatest unbalance, the greatest darkness, where is it?  And what is this darkness?  Denial of the divinity of Creator Source.  So you can say you know you are divine.  You know that.  Do you have any question about that within you? 

            How many of you do affirmations?  Why do you do them?  (comments)  …..Sometimes you forget.  You get so busy.  You can just say, “I know I Am”, and you’ve got it all together in one place.  Do you know that?  Did you know that?  And how many times do you say, “I am” during the day?  Hmmm?  Once or twice.  Put a consciousness with that “I am…”.  When you say, “I know I am going to the store”, what do you really mean?  Put a consciousness with it.  Be aware of how you use your words, where your thoughts are going, what you’re doing with your hands.

            How many of you have eyes that see beyond your dimension?  Any of you?  Can you see?  Can you see what comes from the ends of your fingertips?  There is power.  There is power.  I am talking about energy.  I am talking about the power that you have within you.  Power that you can manifest.  You have the power.  Do you know right there (in the hand), as you would hold your hand, is all that you need all of your existence?  Do you know that?  There is all the food that you will ever need right there.  There is all the drinks, the shelter, whatever you need is right there.  Right there.  And you have it within your hand.  But you know what?  You don’t know it.  You don’t know it.  You think it, you’ve heard it.  You haven’t even learned it.

            I merely say to you — hold your hands upward.  Pick one, bring it in (bring it down to solar plexus), bring it in straight in the strength, and hold it.  What do you feel?  Can you feel the energy begin to move?  Has it asked to be created?   Would you have a hot fudge Sundae?  What would you have?  I would charge you to do that in the days that are before you, and recognize when you do this, you have all that you will need for your totality and survival.  It’s simple.  You don’t see it very much, do you?  And don’t put your hands down, but release it back when you have finished the exercise.  For you will return that which is freely shared with you back from whence it has come.

            You must come to the state of knowing that you have the divinity within you, and this is your first step toward mastery.  But you cannot think it, you cannot learn it.  You have to know it.  And this is the desire I would have for you, is to awaken within you a question, “Why don’t I know, and how can I know?  And once that I have come into this knowing, what must I do to manifest divinity?”  For it would open up that which is a whole new kettle of stew.

            I have shared my portion with you.  Perhaps I have given something for you to think of.  I hope I have made you uneasy in your seat.  And perhaps there has been that which has been dislodged, an understanding.  If I have done this, then truly I have come as a master to serve.  For I would not desire that you would follow or you would quote.  I would desire that you would stand on your own feet and be your own masters.  This is the desire I would have for you.

            By that which I Am in the sign of the head, the heart and the hand, I will take my leave of you.