Blessings in the light of the Divine One – to each one that is of the same circle as well of those that are the unseen ones. There has been a note of uncertainly as we have hesitated as to what our portion would be at this time. We are attempting, we have attempted, and we have accomplished our attempt in setting up communication with one particular one from the second galaxy. This shall be a new energy pattern to many of you, and to others — perhaps, it shall trigger a remembrance of a time long past. Just as a most brief introduction, may I say that we will now speak from that portion of the second galaxy that is involved primarily with healing and with balancing. Many of you upon your planet look at these as separate needs of your organism. Indeed, it is only when you are out of balance that disease/disharmony come about requiring the rebalancing or the healing. And now, may I introduce to you the master healer from the Healing Temple of Opheus that is located on Ophion.

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