FEAR AND HYSTERIA – (Newsletter vol. 102)

(Excerpt newsletter vol. 102)

Beloved Father, Beloved Mother,
Beloved Source from whence all comes,
I greet this day in joy and thanksgiving for the gift so
abundantly shared with me and thru me.
I kno You are all things and it is thru You all gifts are given.
Praises be to You.
Praises be to You.
Praises be to You.

I am that one who is kno’n to you as Theoaphylos.  I am of the seventh level, of the seventh dimension, of the seventh sphere, of the seventh whatever you desire.  I have arrived at that place you desire to be, to which you aspire.  I greet you in the sign of the heart, the head, and the hand.  Now that is a new one for you to think about.  You thought only Morya would use such a greeting.  Think from whence it comes.

This hour as we would speak and share in thought, I would share of that which is called fear and hysteria.  The Great One (“That which comes from the Great Central Sun”) spoke of this, but the vibration we received was one of not a clear understanding so it is that after a long silence, I would try to bring the matter to a level that is understood by you.  Agreed?  Ahh!  It is so.

Now it is that fear is that which is good.  It is as the Mother who watches over the form that you do not scrape your knee or fall from the cliff or drown in the deep waters.  It is that part of the Divine Creator who didst create you that wants to keep you around so it might have the opportunity to have specific experiences.  It is that beautiful thought that says to you, “STOP”.  It, by degrees, finally reaches the point in which you are unable to move for you are as an “adom” not awakened.  You are motionless and furthermore incapable of movement.  Are you beginning to get the idea?  It is a wondrous gift.  It was given to you because of your inexperience in the denseness of the form and the lack of experience in such a denseness.  It can be seen as a tool.

Hysteria, on the other hand, is generated by the energies of the masses.  It begins as a small seed thought of one individual and then it spreads forth until the mass collective of the beings are regurgitating the thought and believe it to be real.  It has been given an identity by the shear power (note, I did not say Pow-ah) of the masses and the energy they have put into it…….  It has been your (light workers) desire that all things will come to an end.  Some of you who call yourselves Lighted ones will be beamed up to glorious ships of Light and so on and so on the story goes.  It is a desire by a group of beings to be released from the Earth plane so they might be whatever it is that they choose to be.

Does that sound as if I am taking back that which was given previously by those who you call your brothers and sisters of space?  It is not the intent.  It is merely to call to your attention that not all of creation or even all of your planet have the same time table as you who are reading my word.  The thought to use here is CYCLES.  See of the cyclic changes.  See of the progression and be as one ready for the next change.  It is quite simple. When first the doors were opened to communicate with the realms beyond your own, the vibration was that which was one that could be accepted, and in many cases called forth.  It was also a point of learning.  It was also a point of teaching and asking of the intent of the ones of your dimension as they received the thoughts from those beyond.  Was your desire to be in the sphere of suspense and being led, or was the intent to learn and expand within your own sphere?  Great was the desire to know what would be the morrow, but it was only as you journeyed along your path that you discovered that the morrow is not written.  You write your morrow by your own choices.

When my beloved Mother was but a small child, the earth changes taking away Atlantis were about.  Her family did not panic or horde, but left that which was no longer a desireable place to be and sought land that was.  It was there they then made their home.  They did not wail and moan.  They knew what they must do from the Lord God of their Being and they did it.  It was not that which others of their village did.  It was not a BIG collective decision.  It was a quiet one.  My mother’s parents spoke to their Source and the answer was the same for them.  Go into the hills beyond and follow as you are guided.

I ask of you, how many of you could do this thing without an argument, and “Yes, but…?”  They knew what was their Source and their guidance and they followed it.  This wisdom, this love, this knowing did not say to them to horde up great goods and foods.  It did not say to them to try to collect the whole of their village.  It was their guidance for them.  They followed.

For those of you who have experienced such guidance and followed it, you know of what I speak.  They did not respond to the thought of the masses about them.  They stood as ones lone.  For them to have stayed in their village would have been to have been part of the mass thought.  The mass thought at the time was to get all you could get at the least expense to you.  If another was stronger or more overpowering, you released that which you had to them.  It was simple. Do you get my drift?

The hour is with you when you have several thoughts to deal with. 1) Do you horde so that others might not have?  That is the thought of the masses of part of your planet.  2) Do you act as the Divine Representative you are and follow that which you know is Truth?  3) Do you vacillate between the two and try to do a little of each just in case it is needed?  4) Do you run from one to another seeking their advice and ignoring your own?  I ask WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE?

Fear ne’er leads you to have or do at the expense of your brother.  Fear will help or assist you in your hour of need, but it does not deny your brother his due.  Fear is the Mother Thot which holds you precious and protects you.  Hysteria is that which brings down the masses and is initiated by one individual on your planet.

Do you understand that which I share with you?  I bless you from the Lord God of my being.


Cum eta