Salutations Ones of the Earth Planet I am Ashtar.  Blessings and greetings from all ones of the Fleet.

As you are aware the earth’s people have entered a chaotic state.  The idea of harmony and universal peace seems to be a distant goal.  Change is not always a smooth process.

I speak this hour to encourage and reinforce the ones working in Light.  You have previously been alerted to this phase upon your planet.  Your assignment has been and continues to be the calm in the eye of the storm.  I am sure many of you are finding this assignment more difficult than you had imagined.  You at times feel scattered and hold much confusion within your being.  Hold fast to your focus of Light — the Eternal Light as the sign of your Creator in action.  Hold this focus.  Let your dwellings be your sanctuary of peace for you as well as those you choose to let enter.

Many of you look to the heavens and cry “What have I done to deserve this?”  You do not feel your answers come.  Your present lifetime is a balancing and an opportunity for bringing in to balance your actions, thoughts and deeds of previous, past experiences.  Welcome these.  It is in the openness brought about by allowing yourselves to welcome the experience of the moment that you allow divine intervention in the moment.  Faith.

Where is your faith?  Faith is a vital tool at this period in your personal as well as planetary process.  Faith is your portal to stability in this period.  It is through this avenue you know you are not alone in this process.  Workers of the Light let your faith be strong with no doubt or wavering in your purpose or intent.

It would appear at this point in your process of planetary development there is a clash of religious philosophies.  Differences are being defined and delineated.  For some there is not road to compromise.  This is an illusion of earth’s mans-kind.  By feeling strong in differences so do individuals place importance for themselves.  They attract others to their espoused beliefs and their importance grows.  They allow for no seeking of mutual grounds to come together in negotiations for peace.  Nay.  They relish the battle.  Have not ones armed themselves with munitions of force to take the lives of others?  The soul does not lie in peace when it knows it has stopped the progression of another.

The Law of Attraction and Non-attraction is this chaotic process.  Please note, in your dimensional understanding there is always duality.  There is always the coming together of like energies and the release of energies not compatible to seek a more harmonious state or energies that are compatible.

The present point is one of multiple religious philosophies seeking dominance or control over others.  So to translate this into its basic components energies are seeking to control or manipulate other energies which are not compatible or of like vibration.  The result can only be an explosion that releases the like to come to like energies – The Law of Attraction and Non-attraction.

When ones of your planet can acknowledge this fundamental agreement of their own philosophies and allow for the different paths to attain this fundamental agreement, then steps for harmony can begin.  At this point in your development this process must begin.  All of your governments are based upon this — the focus of differences.  In this focus there is control, domination, suppression, division and chaos.

Look closely at your actions and thoughts.  Does your faith lead you to harmony?  Or division?  Your tomorrows do not exist, only the focus on this moment.  Be strong and working Light.


It is written