E=MC2 – (Cum-Ah) – (Excerpts from newsletters)


(Excerpts from newsletters)

Let us begin to develop the concept of E = MC2.  I am Cum-Ah to speak.  That which is given as a universal concept is in truth seen from the third dimension looking within.

Look now at that which is E = MC2 from not the third dimension but from the universal laws.  First: E = energy; M = Mass; C2 = the speed of Light times itself.  This is a linear concept which when followed to its conclusion draws itself into that which is perceived as infinity.  Infinity then is perceived as that which is the completion and summation of all.  This could, in the most simplistic of terms, be the definition of the concept of your altered physics.

Look now at that which is the formation of mass.  Mass is energy as it slows in vibration to produce an identifiable object.

Light is the movement of energy through accepted creation as is observed through the displacements of the primodial components of itself.  It is the initiated as it enters the process through its own initiation.

Energy is the living force of all creation.  It is its vibrational rate and pattern which determines its level of acceptance, or observability.