Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am Tobias.  And for those of you with eye to see, I am sitting between Master and Mistress.  I am about 18 inches tall, and I have a beautiful green sweater.  And I have a fedora that has a feather in it.  And I have lovely socks that come up to my knees.

Some of you would say, I look like your interpretation of a leprechaun.  That is all right if you would wish to call me that, but I am not a leprechaun.  I come as a representative of the elemental kingdom.  I come as a representative of those ones that are with you all the time that you do not see…….

I would speak at this time to ask you, please, to recognize that you are very, very special in our lives.  For you see, we come as composites of energies.  And as we would feel love, be it you one for another or if you would be so kind as to feel love for us, we can grow.  And as long as we are in an environment where we can feel a caring and a sharing, we grow by leaps and bounds…….

We recognize that many of you are most excited about being lifted off in space ships and leaving this down here to let someone else clean it up.  Well, I would speak to just say to you, please don’t go too fast, for we need you.  You are the examples that we follow.  You are the God Essence that is closest to us, that we can see, that we can understand, that we can learn from…….  And we need you just as the one that would care for the fruit of the tree needs your approval for a job well done.  Even if you don’t pick the piece of fruit, you can at least tell them that they did a good job.

And, as you would gaze about your dwelling, or perhaps your vehicle, know that there’s one of the kingdom that is with you.  And if you would acknowledge us, that we are there, we would be most grateful, and we would grow.  And oh my!  We could share such love with you, if you will just know that we are there.  You do not have to have a name, you just have to feel…….

We are not brilliant in the knowing that we have, but we would desire that each of us, that our light would grow quite brilliant, so that it might one day be as bright as yours.  For you see, we look at you, and we would desire to be just as perfect as you are.

Good bye.