Question:  Will our mode of education be different than it is now, after the change?

Answer:  Beatrix here.  And I am delighted that such a question would come forth, for this indeed is a question that has great practical applications.  My dear beloved one, I would hope that your system would change radically, for that system which you are now experiencing is older than archaic, if there is such a term.  Your educational system has been established to bring about the maximum of conformity, with the minimum of effort to induce the conformity.  And this has been done under the guise of giving you freedom to learn and express yourselves.

Some of you as you travel back through your experiences before this embodiment will recall some of the education that you have experienced on Helox.  Just as no two entities are exactly alike, how can we begin to attempt to educate — and here that is an incorrect word also — how can we help ones to grow in their own development and their awareness if we try to do everyone the same way?  Each of you has your own pattern of growth.  Each of you has your own particular mode of growth, your own area of specialization, your own pattern of thought transference, and your own degree of awareness.  The educational process is to allow you, to encourage you, to challenge you to evolve to your maximum potential at a specific period.

In observing your educational system I would say this approach is sadly lacking.  Know, dear one, you shall find that the educational system in the distant day, which is much closer than you realize, shall not be of the same type that you are presently experiencing.

Those of you that recall Socrates, and those that are known as the Greek scholars, will recall the method of teaching that was done at that time — that one was challenged to think, not to become a mechanical robot that regurgitates back specific thoughts, but one was taught to think, to expand their own awareness.  This is the main, the primary objective of an educational process is to allow each one to grow at their own particular rate, that they would seek of truth, and as truth is revealed to them that they would strive always for a greater, deeper truth.  This the educational process shall bring forth.  May we say those things which you now are experiencing are most superfluous, and are quite unnecessary to that which you have come to do.  Though I recognize at this hour you cannot change your educational process, for those that are in the leadership positions would not understand what you are attempting to do, know that in the day that is the New Day, the process which you now have will be dissolved, that the one of allowing the individual, encouraging the individual to evolve and to grow, and to question, and to seek within themselves shall be the rule and not the exception.

I trust I have not muddled you with my answer.  And I trust that this will help you, will assist you in looking forward to that which shall be.