I am that one that is known as Theoaphylos.  Some of you know me; others know me not.  Let it suffice to say that I have been where you are and I have grown beyond that which you are and I have come into that which is my mastery – and it is my desire for you that you, too, would attain that which is your mastery; that you would not be limited by the mere form; that you would be as one to go beyond that which is the accepted consciousness of your plane – but you, too, would enter into that which is called mastery.  And it has been told upon the rushes of the wind that it is your desire to enter into this state.  Is this not so?  So to begin this – this portion that I would share with you this hour – let us look at that which is discernment.  You know that word? 

            Discernment is like diving into a boiling pot of stew in search of a potato, but you come up with a pea, for discernment is finding that one morsel that you need that will assist you in your own understanding; hence, your own growth. There are those of you that would have your little mouths open much as the bird that is fed by its mother and you would swallow anything and everything that is brought along to you.  Have you seen ones like that?  And then, pretty soon, what happens to one that swallows everything?  They are most uncomfortable, are they not?  And they get quite round, and yet, they still are not satisfied – they still want more – and so it is a vicious cycle that they experience.  And so it is many of you have come upon your plane this lifetime with embodiment that you would learn to discern, for you have been as a small bird that would swallow everything that has come along.  And I would speak to you not to ask of you to follow – follow that which I have done that you would become your own master – but follow me not, for I would desire to have no man follow of me.  Follow only that which is the God that is within you – that is the God Essence that is your beginning – there lies your truth.

            But many of you have come and you have come for this lesson that is called discernment.  You have stood before the councils and you have stood before the learned ones and you have said, “Help me to learn that which is the truth.  Show to me that which is truth.”  And even as you have come upon this plane, you have looked at others and you have said, “Show me that which is truth.”  And one has spoken to you of this, of that, or the other and you have said, “Truly, this is truth.”  And then you have said to another, “Show me that which is truth.”  And they have spoken to you and you have said, “Surely, this must be truth.”  And so quickly you throw aside that which you have just had and so you go through a great sifting and sorting. 

            No one can give to you truth.  It does not come on a silver platter and it does not have an apple in its mouth.  Indeed, truth is the silver platter and it is the apple – for truth is that which allows you to be of your totality.  Truth is that which will assist you to grow in your own knowing.  It comes first to you in that which is a rote memory.  Remember the day when you first entered into that which was your school system, and how great and wonderful you were when you knew your sums?  And your mother or your father would say, “Say to these ones that which you know.”  And you would stand very proudly and you would recite your sums and you were sure you were the wisest man in all creation, were you not?  And if you did not know that, surely your parents did.  And then it was you went on to school and you had more practice; you had more grades – more tasks that you mastered.  And you find as you would look – my, the sums seemed a child’s play, did they not?  You don’t need those now.  You’re much too old and too sophisticated for that.  So you would toss aside that, but you never really could toss it aside because it was your foundation.  It was because of those simple sums that you could conquer that which is known as your advanced mathematics, is it not?

            And did you begin to get concepts of the universe, of creation?  And you begin to understand that these were the simple sums they taught to you.  They are not just merely scribbles upon a page, but they have meaning beyond your initial comprehension.  That is truth.  Truth is.  It has no limitation.  It has no parameters.  It merely is.  And truth comes to you in many ways, in many levels, along many pathes.  And you will enter into that which is an experience in order that you might be able to learn a greater truth.  Each of you has had that which a portion of your life that has been a struggle, have you not?  And it has been a pain and you have wept.  When no one was looking, there have been tears that have come to you, have they not?  And as you would look of the distant day back at that experience, you look at it according to what you have learned from it, do you not?  Did it not make you wiser, this experience that brought the tear to your eye?  Did it not help you to have more compassion?  Did it, perhaps, help you to understand yourself just a little bit?  And as you would understand you, so it is you might begin to understand your brother and you would have compassion with him and for him, hmm?  That is a great lesson each has that you have mapped out for your experience.

            It is a great lesson and you shall have many of these, for indeed, you have entered into that which is the stew pot and it is called “embodiment” upon your planet and you are swimming in that stew with the peas and the carrots and the onions and the potatoes.  And every now and again, one of them bumps into you and you receive a truth from it.  And the truth that each of you would receive would not be the same, because your pathes are not the same; you are not at the same place along your pathe.  Even this hour as we would speak together, you and I – each of you will glean something that is just a little different than that one which is seated next to you because each of you has your own need of that which you would receive.  And there shall be some of you that will reject it.  But I say to you, do not throw me in the garbage, but merely place me to one side that of a distant day, you might ponder that which I have shared, and you too, might glean from it just one small pea from the whole stew that is called life – life upon your planet.

            You see, this stew that you are in has been boiling for a long time and there are those ones which you would call the evolved ones that have turned the fire up under this pot that is called planet Earth. And so it is getting a little hot, is it not, just a little around your edges, perhaps, of your pot?  It is beginning to boil quite strongly.  Well, hang on to that potato because it’s going to boil a lot more and a lot faster and it’s gonna get a lot warmer.  And you, dear ones, have selected to be here at this particular place.  You have selected to enter this stew pot by your own choice, so you can blame no man for this except yourselves. 

            I would ask of you to go within yourself for a moment and say to yourself: what is one lesson I have learned of this embodiment?  What is one lesson that I have learned?  And there will be those of you that will scratch your heads and you will say, “I haven’t learned anything yet.”  And there are those of you that will have had many lessons and they have been quite painful.  Be joyous at that, for you know, you have learned greatly.  Be joyous of that. 

            There is that upon your plane which is known as the “Lord God, woe is me,” have you heard of him?  “Oh, how I suffer!  Look what has happened to me – what great injustice they have done.”  Have you heard of this one?  Perhaps, you would recognize you have built him yourself and you have put him upon his own throne and you have created your own servitude for him.  Perhaps it is of the hour that you would recognize that this Lord God is but of your own making and you might do a slight ninety degree turn on an attitudinal shift and look and say, “Aha! What do I know of this?  What do I learn?  What can I learn of this?”  For as you would learn – and you would acknowledge that you learn – you will find that the road gets a little less bumpy, and even though this pot that you are in begins to boil quite strongly, it is that you would find you are more comfortable with it because, perhaps, instead of fighting that which is going on within the pot, you might begin to swim with it.  And you would find as you do that, that it becomes a little easier for you.

            But what does that have to do with discernment?  It has everything to do with discernment, for it is, you can be as one that will take in everything that comes to you and you will settle to the bottom of the pot because you will become heavier or denser.  As you begin to sift and to sort that which is truth for you, that which will assist you this hour, then it is you become lighter in many ways – even according to that which is called your poundage – but lastly in that one.  You would become lighter for it is you would become more and more and more finely attuned to truth.  You would begin to put the pieces together.  One would say to you: truth is when you first began your numbers and you quickly filled in the space that followed because you would have to have parameters for your own understanding and comprehension.  That is where you were.  Are you now at the stage that you could accept the mere thought that “truth is” and understand that what it says?  Can you understand that meaning?  Can you?  It is difficult.  It is difficult for that which I Am – who has arrived – still has difficulty with it, too, for truth is far greater than I can express in a thought to the Earth plane.  Truth Is.  Ones would come and they would say to you to do of this, to do of that, to use this tool, to use that tool.  And they would be tools for you.

            You have that which is a glorious solidified light upon your planet; it is called the crystal.  You know the crystal – the small stone that you hold and it gives great warmth to your being.  It is a tool.  It is not the answer.  The teachings that are shared with you are tools.  They are not mandates.  They are not answers, for only you have the answer for you; only you can know what is the next step that you must take.  It cannot be give to you by another.  And those of you that would go and you would seek great advice from ones beyond your dimension; I say to you to save your coppers and go within for there is your answers.  There you begin to see what fits and what will help you grow; help you to come into your own awareness. 

            It has been decreed and you are experiencing there are many ones upon your plane and they say to you many things.  And there are ones that have come forth and they have said they are the embodiment of the Christos.  And you have others that have come forth and they say to you that they are a master.  And you have others that come and they would say to you that they are the embodiment of this one, that one, or another.  Has this happened?  What do you do with that?  Do you follow blindly because this is what they speak to you?  Do you listen to that which is within them – that which they speak, that which they do – that you would see what is the truth that they would share with you?

            I say to you:  Each day, you walk with ones that could call themselves masters and you would know them not; you would know not who they are for they do not wear a sign that says, “I am a master.  Please follow me.”  But they would bring a smile to your lips.  They would perhaps help you to laugh from way down deep, or perhaps they would be one that would hold your hand to console you, or perhaps they would be ones that would challenge you to go beyond what you have experienced, or perhaps they have touched your pathe and you do not even know it; you only know that on this hour of this day there is a lightness within you and you feel blessed.  For there are ones about your plane, but they proclaim not of themselves for they know who they are.  They do not need your adoration.  They do not need your acknowledgement.  They merely are, in their own state, and they would share with you for the sheer love of sharing and of helping you to come within your own knowing – your own truth – that you would grow.  These are the great ones that walk about your plane and they have elected to come down and join with you (come down, come out, come up, wherever you would have them come from).  So it is they have come that they would join with you and they would share with you because you have entered into that place of your own cycle that is one that has a great energy to it for you are coming to that which is a completion of your cycle and you are coming to prepare for that which is known as change

            There has been upon your plane, many times, that the face of that which is the Earth Mother has been cleansed.  And new lands have come forth that would bring forth new fruits that would be fertile.  And that which has been abused and misused and confused by Earth mankind is allowed to rest for a period.  And then, it would be that there would be a change.  And so you have entered as volunteers.  You have chosen, you have selected this particular place within your cycle that you might experience, and hopefully, you will learn; you will have understanding and you will come to know from the experience, and you will not have to continue this repetition that you have entered into.  And I would sense most of you are a little weary of this repetition that you have gotten yourself into.  So look within you – that which you are – carefully, to see what lessons you have learned so far from this embodiment.  What have you learned?  Have you grown?  Can you count five lessons that you have learned in this lifetime?  Round and round we go.  Can you?  Can you do this?  One lesson, two, three, four, five?  Does that mean then you make no mistakes again, or do you relearn them, perhaps, at a different level of your own awareness?

            You have three stages upon your planet.  First, you learn, which is a regurgitation of that which has been given to you by another.  You have a great system that is called your school system that teaches you well to do this, does it not?  Then, somewhere in there, you begin to have an understanding of these thoughts – these ideas – that are given to you in your learning state.  You begin to comprehend or to understand them, and then, from understanding comes knowing.  You do not know with your mind, but you do know with your Mind; you know with your totality. 

            There has been one that has come to a small band of wanderers and he has asked of them: “What do you know?”  After many meetings, they decided they didn’t know anything.  They understood a lot and they weren’t nearly as wise as they thought themselves to be for they recognized they did not know anything, because to kno (know) is to experience with your totality.  And then after many more comings together, they found they did know something:  I Am Light.  And even that, if you will note, puts a limitation on that which I Am for they have not gotten to the stage that they merely can say, I Am.  Can you do that and know what it means – and kno within you – as you would say this?  Can you? Part of your discernment says to you that, “I am not worthy to do this yet”, does it not?  And part of your learning – your education – says to you: I cannot do this.  It is hard enough for you to swallow and say, “I am Light,” is it not, because that which is the collective consciousness, in which you dwell, in which you have contributed to mightily, will not let you do this?  You have been pushed under the rug, have you not? And you have been convinced of your unworthiness.  And your tool that is known as discernment has followed it, has it not?  Hmm?  And so, part of this discernment that you are having to do is an unlearning, a dis-education, would we call it that, or an uneducation?  Whichever – you get the message.

            For it is that you must go within.  And you are having to throw out things that you have learned and you are having to put other things in their places and you are having to go through a lot within yourself to do this because part of this process as you would do this helps you to learn to love you.  Do you love you?  Really, do you love you?  I hope so, for it is that which I am loves you.  For your education has helped you to learn that you are unworthy and all sorts of good things, has it not?

            So part of this process that you are going through – your discernment – is first finding out it is all right to love you, and then, you can love others, for you are loving others honestly with no little strings attached, but letting them be because that is what you are doing with you.

            When you were that which was a small child, did you ever hear the phrase, “I will love you if…”?  You heard that?  And my goodness, you were such a small one; it made quite an impression upon you, did it not?  It has stayed with you.  It has made – if you could see within that which is your brain – it has made a great dent.  And it has stayed with you for a long time.  And so, that is the first thing you are having to do – is to look around.  And in your lesson of discernment that you have come to experience, you are asking, “Why can’t I?”  And you are having ones that are saying to you that it’s all right; it’s all right to love you and it’s all right to love others with no strings.  It is those strings that get you into trouble.

            I will send you a firefly!  Know you what a firefly is?  l will send you a firefly and that firefly shall be one that will come and it will light within your heart and it will cause a flutter, and it will be a quickening that will help you to come into your own understanding and knowing that you will feel the warmth that is the Love of the Infinite One.  Do you know that which is your firefly – it lights – does it not?  So it shall light within your heart and light will warm you.  And that which is the firefly does not light when it is descending; it only lights when it is ascending.  So if you would desire to descend, forget it – you’ve just lost your firefly – but if you would desire to grow within your own knowing, so it is this one would abide with you…  You will accept that which is the gift I will send and it will come to you in the quietest of the moment, when you would least expect it, and you would least know that it is around. 

            I would speak that I would jar some of you who have entered into a rather complacent way of thinking that you might begin to question, that you might begin to experience the questioning and know it’s all right and the end of the world is not going to come on the morrow because you questioned that which has been given to you for rote memory for eons.  You see, I know of that which is the rote memory for I walked of your plane in that which is my land of Arcacia – you would call it Greece this day.  My land was a beautiful land.  It was most glorious for there was a green that you do not begin to comprehend and there was the blue of the ocean and the song of the bird drew a response from the fishes of the sea.  It’s a most beauteous land this one that was mine.  And I had that which was a mother and I had that which was a father and they were very kind to me.  They were very loving and very understanding for we were of that hour of that day when it was all right to be.  And I was one that I could place my face next to the breast of the Earth Mother and I could smell the grass as sweet and no one would look at me like something was wrong, for these ones that were my parents, they understood the need – the desire – for the oneness.  And I would question of them:  “How is it that the bird would soar?  Why can’t I soar with the bird?”… [I stood on] the cliff and I flapped my arms and I flapped my arms and I thought to soar with the bird and I got very wet for I drank with the fishes.  And I tried again and again and I went back to this one that was my father and I said to him: “Why can’t I soar with the bird?”  And he says, “You can.” And I said, “I can’t!”  And he says, “You can.”  And again I repeated, and again, I got very wet.  And I went back to my father and I asked of him again, and he said to me: “How would you be one with the bird?  How would you be one with the bird?” 

            And I came into a recognition I could be one with the bird without getting all wet; that I did not have to flap my arms to be one with the bird but I could have the experience of flight even as he has it by coming into a oneness with him, even as I could become one with the fishes and the grasses and all that were my brethren about the plain.  And so I would say to you:  if you would be one with the bird you can do it – just make sure that you are not carrying any extra baggage with you when you go to jump from the cliff that it would bring you to the bottom of the waters. 

            Discern.  Take with you only that which will assist you; take with you only that which will help you grow in your own knowing.  For I became one with the bird and I could hold forth my hand and he would light upon my hand and we would commune, he and I, and there was an expression of oneness which would defy your mere words.  Do this – do this.  It is my desire for you. 

            Some have said that I am an outrageous entity.  I am not outrageous except in my belief and my understanding of that which is the Earth mankind.  I see of your frailties and perhaps those areas that you need a little help with and it is for this reason that I would come to assist you.  And I also see of those areas – those portions – which are a greatness that you are.  Unfortunately, you do not see those as easily as I for I see each of you as a Golden Light of Perfection that is hiding; that is not quite ready to come out yet. 

            Come, come soar with the bird and come and walk with me.

So be it.