DEFINING THE UNDEFINABLE – (I am without name)

(I am without name)

Greetings in the Eternal One.  I am without name, or size or definition.  I speak from the heart of the God Source to awaken the sleeping ones.  Awaken! Awaken! Awaken!  This shall be the cry to come.  Awaken to the Truth.  Awaken to the Love.  Awaken to the Light.  Let there be no separation.  Only that which is the delineation of each as that is part of the whole. You can divide not that which is the entwined in perfection.  Ye are ones that seek to define God.  God is by its own definition.  That is the definition, the wonder, The Perfection.  Those who would seek to bring God to definition seek to bring God to a level below its origin.  Let there be no further definition, merely the clarification of factors or facets which make up the totality.  Recognize even the definition is incomplete only because man does not rise to the level of Oneness of the Source.

Let us speak of Truth or truth.  Though they sound the same their meaning is beyond definition.  Truth (capital T) Is as God Is.  truth (small t) goes to the core of the definition as represented in a sphere.  Its achievement can never be to the level of Truth for it does not have the capacity.  It is lacking in clarity of definition.  Take as an illustration, The Sun Shines.  How does it shine?  What makes it shine?  Is it a reflection?  Does it have color?  Does it have heat?  Is it a constant?   Is it at non-determinable Source?  Does it beat to a rhythm undefinable and unmeasurable by man?  Is there limitation in man to define Sun in accurate terms or does he define by limited definition because he is limited in his knowledge to his own observations?  Is it as indescribable mass producing heat and light in a defined pattern undefinable to man beyond his individual personal experience?  Therefore one could see the sun is one thing to this man and another to the second man with mutual similarities shared.  The similarities are determined by the advancement of each individual.  The Truth is, The Sun of God for the purpose unknown or undetermined to man.

Think upon this to the limitation you might grow and expand.