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The library includes an ever expanding series of messages covering an array of topics. Feel free to browse and/or print off a message on a particular topic of interest. If you want to share a specific channeling we ask you to give credit to the one who sent forth the message. Enjoy!


Theoaphylos              I am that one that is known as Theoaphylos.  Some of you know me; others know me not.  Let it suffice to say that I have been where you are and I have grown beyond that which you are and I have come into that which is my mastery – and it is my desire for you that you, too, would attain that which is your mastery; that you would not be limited by the mere form; that you would be as one to go beyond that which is the accepted consciousness of your plane – but you, too, would enter into that which is called mastery.  And it has been told upon the rushes of the wind … Continue reading


(Morya)             By that which is the sign of the heart, the head and the hand, I would come and I would join with you.  I am that one that is known as Morya.  You have heard of me, I presume.  For I have indeed heard of you…  And so it is, we will speak, you and I.  And what shall we speak of this hour?  It has been given unto me that there are questions that you have, and even as you have questions, so it is I have questions that I will pose to you.             Let us speak this hour of that which is Knowing, that which is Understanding, and that which is Learning.  Do you know … Continue reading