Welcome the New Beginning

Kut-Hu-Mi: I greet you, my brothers, my sisters, in the oneness in which we all dwell. Know each of you is a part of me, just as I, too, go forth to dwell with you. Our beloved Senior Advisor has given us a review, shall we say, of the impact of the Conclaves and the subsequent energy infusions which have resulted.

The Earth Mother has long evolved to reach her potential. It is this creature which has been entrusted to her who carries the God qualities who has needed assistance. So again, let me emphasize, just as the previous speaker emphasized, this particular infusion is to awaken and bring forth the Son energies within each individual divine representative upon the planet.

When I say “Son energies” I do not refer to gender, such as the male/female, son and daughter attitude on planet Earth. But in its purest definition the Son energies simply mean that facet of Source, the Omnipotent, which has gone forth in quest of the experience that it might express to its greatest potential. It is to say, that which is Source which dwells within human form awakens and swells to consume the form, that the individual would be guided in all aspects of their life by the Divine within.

Earth man has gone through many phases of that which has been male and female. Indeed, in your Twentieth Century you had quite an uprising in some parts of your planet as to the rights and the privileges of being within a female form. Some took this to quite an extreme. The purpose of the male and the female forms were and are for creation, procreation purposes. Neither was to bow their knee to the other, for they were to walk side by side, recognizing the importance of the gift each brings to the planet and for their personal experiences, as well as to assist the experiences for others.

In creating this separation, or sexes as you call them, no intent was ever to bring forth one as superior to the other. In your Book of Wisdom, that which is called your Holy Bible, many times many words have been changed and exchanged in the various stages of translation. Even so, Earth man — and here, I refer to a species — must read this precious book remembering much of it was given in simple stories and lessons which were appropriate for the audience at the time of delivery. Through the ages of translations this has been neglected and forgotten. It is, in this new time of your Twenty-First Century, man will seek for the origin of the Word and hence, dwell more on the concept behind the story than on the actual story itself.

As you turn, or step through the portal beyond your year 2000, much radical change awaits you. The close of your Twentieth Century began the process which shall now accelerate. Organized religions and the separations they encourage shall quickly diminish. Just as man seeks the concept behind a teaching, be it any of your major religious divisions, he shall begin to experience the similarity of the concept behind the thought. This will not come easily. Indeed, there will be wars fought to retain the separation and the right to interpret as was done in the Twentieth Century.

At the close of the first quarter of this century much of the separation will have diffused itself and ones will no longer fight Holy Wars, for that which is the Divine within each individual knows no thing can be accomplished by taking the life or interrupting the life span of another divine representative…

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