The Trilogy – In The Beginning: The Truths Of God

I am Josias to speak of a personal matter. I say to you, I am the Master of the Twelfth Universe of the Father’s Creation. Each of the twelve of the Master Adepts has a mark for his universe that he watches over. These be the original creations of the Father. I be the twelfth. Yea, this universe we share with the Father, be the newest of His creation — 100 million years before man knew of history.

I say to you, long before there was record, was my creation. I sit, have sat at the hand, yea, the bosom of the Father. Great have my lessons been. I come forth in His Infinite Wisdom to speak of the creation, of the beginning.

I speak not through another one, for Tuieta is the gift that be given for me to use that Truth might come forth. I speak not in parables, but I speak the story as it was seen through mine eyes as the Master Adept for the Twelfth Universe.

I come forth with this message, to help man to understand of his beginning for great is his need to know, to understand the travels of his soul, that he might know which path he must choose for Life Eternal.

I bid you greetings and say to you as you read my words, to read them with love in your heart.

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