The Teaching Ship

Ashtar: Welcome. Welcome to each of you. We have taken the liberty of dividing this auspicious group into small groups for the purpose of this first segment of the program. This, we hope, will allow for a freer exchange among you. I apologize, I am Commander Ashtar. Those of us of the realms beyond your own have come together to plan this meeting. It is an opportunity for you of your planet to come together in a non-threatening state to work through thoughts and concepts, to define concepts of change, peaceful change, upon your planet.

Each country you represent has gifts which can be shared or bartered with others. Your planet cannot continue to exist in its present state of conflict and chaos. Economically you have initiated steps of a global economy. This needs to be expanded. Other areas of shared development need to open up and expand. We ask you to open your eyes, and your hearts to a planet of unity not fractionalized development.

Each of you have recording material before you. We would ask each of you to record three things you have in the group of peoples you represent that you can share with other groups of peoples on your planet. Please note, it is not what you need but what you already have available to you.

I will close for now that you might ponder the answers. There will be mentors among you to assist you. Thank you…

* * * * *

Thank you for your participation. In the totals for everyone currently here in all rooms 87% of you felt you had nothing to share at this point. The remaining 13% felt you had resources you could share. Ladies and gentlemen, some in the 13% had resources but did not feel a need to share these with others of the planet. May I suggest some of your resources you have overlooked, such as labor resources; willingness and enthusiasm as a resource; the love of fellow man as a resource; water; foods; supplies to build shelters; relief of pain as a resource; putting down of arms and the ability to manufacture arms as a resource; cessation of activities that harm the planet; the plant life and its animals as a resource; the assistance in the educative process and the supplies to accomplish this; the willingness to learn new or different things than is currently available to your region. The list could go on and on, but do you see, do you feel what is being put forth before you?

As you have come together on this ship, you have been selected by the Masters as ones who by location, temperament or position have the ability to begin an orchestration of change. Change for peace and harmony on your planet. You as a peoples and as a planet have all the resources necessary to begin and accomplish the change. Think, look, feel beyond the obvious on your conscious level. May we offer a few concepts or definitions for you to assist you in your thinking process?

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