The Law

Hear ye MY Word. Hear ye MY Word. I AM. I AM thy Father Solen Aum Solen who does speak. And MINE Word shall cum forth, and be burned within thy heart that ye shall kno, and ye shall receive according to thy preparation. So be it evermore. So be it and amen.

Be ye not as the foolish bird who sticks its head beneath the sand, and sees not that which is about it. Be ye not as this one, and choose not to recognize that which is happening about ye. I give to thee of MINE sign, and I give to thee cues that ye might see, that ye might kno what is happening.

For there is naught of surprise about that which I do. I say there is naught of surprise. For each that I do is of purpose, and each is of a step that does build upon the next. So it is.

I give not to thee that which would shock or surprise. If ye would but open thine eye to see what is happening. If ye would but open thy ear, and hear the words that I do speak for I speak to each. And to those that would hear of MY Word are MY Praises and MY Blessings. And for ye ones that would seek in truth to hear that which I would give, I send forth ones to give to thee of MINE Word.

And to ye ones who would close of their ear and choose not to hear MINE messengers, so be it. As ye choose not to hear of ME so shall I hear not thy cries in the darkest hour. So be it as I do give this to thee.

Now I shall forsake none, for that which I have sent forth is of ME and shall not be forsaken. Kno this be so and in thy kno-ing shall each receive of their comfort.

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