Teachings From Within The Golden City

Polarity: I am Djwal Kul who speaks from within the Eternal Presence. I am sent unto you at this time to give to you a certain portion. Peace and blessings from the Most High I pour forth to you who would receive. Amen.

I shall speak to you of The Mysteries, mysteries to you but Truth to ones who do dwell within this place. Ye ones who desire to enter, to you, I give these words.

Esu has said to you he is the Gate by which you may enter. Know you the meaning of his precious words? I think not. He who did come to you as the Perfect came to give to you ones of darkness the Light to come forth. He walked among you to give to you of his Light and his knowing. He was then, as now, in balance with all of the creative forces and at one with the Divine Principle. This is the mystery to man. This is the mystery. He said to each that receive his word that he as the Christed One was the Gate through which you could return unto the Creator’s House. The Christed One. It was not Jesus the mound of clay who spoke these words, but the Christed One.

Know you the Christ, the Son Portion of the Divine Principle, abides in each. This portion is the Gate through which ye might enter into the Creator’s House. This sacred portion that abides within is the key to all. Know this, you ones bound, that you might free yourself of the lower bodies to dwell within the Christed Body. In this is Your Gate. In this is The Way.

Now you ones have struggled these many eons in great limitation. It is now that you shall free your own self of these limitations. The great I Am places no limits on you, you have placed your own. You have dug the hole of your present existence and limited yourself to the seeing of only that which you have dug. I speak to give to you the impetus to climb from the hole, to come into the Light that you shall see with greater vision. You shall see there is much that awaits you as you climb up from your buried state.

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