Talks With The Masters: Theoaphylos

Greetings. It is that I might enter to say, I am known to thee as Theoaphylos… I would say to thee, know ye the eye of a needle? Come. Come. Know ye the eye of a needle? Know ye the thread that goes through the eye of a needle? This we shall speak of, for this shall be thy lesson.

Ye would say to me, “My brethren, I enter not through the eye of a needle, for it is too small and it would bind. And it is not my place to enter through such.” And I say, hear ye me, that ye would think, that ye would ponder in thy own knowing and in thine own awareness. Know ye what ye are? Ye are a thread. Ye are a long slim, slender, delicate piece of silk. Ye are a thread. And as this thread would come to the eye of the needle, it is limp. And the seamstress would push and the silk would go not through the eye. But aha, the seamstress would moisten of the silk. And the silk would be strong and it would be straight. And it would pass through the eye of the needle. And so it is, the silk was prepared that it would enter of the eye. And this my brethren, have I given to you…

For what is the eye of the needle? It is but an opening through which the thread would pass, that the thread which would hold the garment together, might enter into the fibers of the garment, that it might weave and be one with these. And so it is, my delicate pieces of silk. As you would pass through the portal which is known to you as the eye of the needle, so does the silk loop back across the top of the needle that it would join with that portion which has past not through the eye, that together they would come, that they would bind the fibers of the cloth.

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