Talks With The Masters: Serapis Bey

Dedication: This portion is most humbly dedicated to the seekers of Truth, that which is not defined or limited by the mere mortality of man. This portion is not a complete portion but it is only that which is one part which will assist you on your own pathe of self-discovery. For each divine spark there is a journey which brings into fruition the completeness of the divine spark as it expresses its part in the totality. The marriage with the Godhead is not limited to an esoteric experience, but is an actuality in the density of the dimension. No man is exempt from the experience. The choice is the utilization of the experience to express a level of deity, the god within each of you. Let no man rob you of this search or opportunity for expression. Let no man limit your expression of perfection. Walk in the totality you are, One Facet of the Complete Diamond. You are a uniquely crafted facet of the perfection, the center of all, experiencing the broadening experience of expression. May that which has been recorded of me be one small part to accelerate your own journey, the journey of the realization of your perfection. I, as one of the Ascended Masters hold forth my hand to salute and assist you.
I Am
Serapis Bey

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