Talks With The Masters: Kut-Hu-Mi

Dedication: I speak as World Teachor for those who walk upon the planet known as Earth. I speak as chohan who does hold a ray for man’s evolvement. I am Kut-Hu-Mi. I have been of the plane of Earth. I have donned the garment of man under many names. I have felt of the warmth of the sun as it touched my cheek; been filled by the cooling waters of the brook; and eaten of the flesh of the fruits. Mine is a joy of the earth’s experiences held within the heart of a single man. The joy within my heart is now the song for all mankind as I hold forth the door that each one might enter into his own knowing. I know that which is the soul of man, the song of the Eternal Love. I see only that which is the essence of the budding perfection as I feel the tips of man’s fingers as he holds forth his hand to mine. I gladly clasp in universal brotherhood this hand as it clings to mine that we might go forward together. In this small volume have I set to words/thoughts which might assist one who would seek answers. May the answers not come, but let that which I share be as a chord which seeks to bring rhythm for universal harmony so that you might be the manifestation of the song.
I am

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