Letters From My Big Friend, Dialogue With A Yeti

Introduction: In 1992 a new kind of communication began. The one sharing thoughts (Chu-Ah) identified himself as what we would call a Yeti. For the past 20 plus years our friendship has grown. What began with marked trepidation on our part has grown into love and acceptance.

We have met the other members of his family, learned of his home planet, Uhtaria, and the philosophy of its peoples. We have shared in the welcoming of the newest member of the family, Le-Ah, and rejoiced as she and her older brother, Ink-Ah, have grown. At times we have laughed with the joy of the parents, and others we have felt the concern of the head of the household when his space has been threatened. We have experienced the first timid communique with Kul-Ah, his mate.

Chu-Ah has opened doors, helping us to have a keener appreciation of nature and of living with its rhythm. He can be so strong, we can feel his presence as he projects his energy near us. We can feel his beckoning as he invites us to come share his space with him. We share in the mutual laughter as we cannot quite achieve a response to his invitation. These communications reflect a friendship which has grown to the point that the coming together of his family and ours would be one of comfort and joy for all concerned.

In places, the spelling and wording may be new to the reader and may not meet literary standards. We have attempted to hold to the letter of that which was given so that no thought, feeling, or intent would be altered.
As you read these communications, may the friendship we share open to be one in which you are included.

All of us at Portals

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