Letters From Home: Vol. IV

Good evening. Blessings in the Light of the Most Radiant One. I am Monka. I hold a bonding with Earth and her inhabitants which covers multiple life times for each of you. I have been the representative of you and your planet Earth in the councils and tribunals, and I shall continue to be the voice which speaks on behalf of you at these meetings until the point is reached when you can and do stand as your own representatives within the councils and tribunals. My love for all of you goes far beyond that which can be expressed in words. I hold all of you close to my heart.

We have asked this one through which we speak to compile the materials which we have shared with her into specific categories or topics. Most of these topics have been initiated by you through your questions and shared thoughts. In this small volume we ask to share thoughts with you concerning that which is about you on or about your planet which impacts upon you. We ask you to see you are in the process of change. You call this tribulation.

This change shall grow in momentum until Earth, as you acknowledge it, is not there, but rather new facets of the Earth Mother present themselves for your exploration. New experiences await you; experiences which have not been heretofore available because of the density carried by the corporeal man.

But before entering the New Day, let us in retrospect observe those institutions which have held you bound, which have programmed your thinking into compliance. Let us see that which has donned the garment of Savior as it truly is, a philosophy which seeks to gain from you for its own elevation in the material realm.

What is your government? What component lies quietly within and without it to control you? What is the concept behind one world government and how has that been manipulated to be one world under one control for one benefit? Do the ET’s of your dimension play a part in this? If so, what is their part?

And lastly, is there hope? Is there a potential for a new earth, cleansed and ready for new beings? Where will you go during this process? How will you get there? Is there anyone in the Cosmos who cares and sees you as the Divine beings you are? These are some of the thoughts we would share with you in this small volume.

Begin your readying with a sharp sense of discernment. Accept truth as it presents itself to you. Know we, of the Ashtar Command, have enfolded this small volume in love. May you feel that love and caring as you partake of our words. I am Monka, a most humble servant of the Radiant One.

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