Letters From Home: Vol. III

Salutations, ones of planet Earth. I am Cuptan Fetogia speaking… [I reside on] the command ship of the Third Galaxy. I bring greetings from all ones of the Galaxy and from the Inner Council Ring. I have come to enter into the activation planning with the one that is known to you as the Lord Sananda. I come as the representative to offer counsel and assistance and to share of the knowing that has been afforded me. I come to enter into the ethers of the place that is known to you as the planet Earth, the Emerauld. It is the desire of the ones of Wisdom that I come to offer to the Blessed One their wisdom.

The ages of unknowing have been the lot of the ones that walk the face of the Earth Mother. The ages of darkness have been as that which is the accepted in the thought process of the children of the Earth Mother. This is being lifted from them. This is being removed to allow for a conscious understanding, yea knowing, on the part of all ones that are desirous to know. The hour of looking to the distant day is over. It is finis (finished). The call is for action now of all ones upon the planet.

Can you, Earth mans kind, not recognize the imminence of the approach? Look not to the morrow to begin to accept your responsibility and assume your accountability for that which is your own thoughts and actions. Look not to the grand of the distant day. Begin your actions NOW.

It is recognized by the Council of the ignorance of the masses of the ones that are with the Earth Mother. It is recognized that this shall require specific action on the part of the sons and daughters of the cosmic realm.

At the point in the cycle that is the solstice (December,1988) there shall be a great inpouring of cosmic and angelic energies directly from that which is known to you as the Godhead. This will bring about a great stirring within the individuals that dwell with the planet Earth. It is anticipated that most ones upon the planet shall react to this inpouring. Ones of Light, the faithful workers, shall be as ones to experience a heightened awareness and dimensional shift. It is for this that many have been prepared.

Expect the unexpected. Attune to the frequencies that are not of the accustomed vibrational level of your dimension. Accept the acceleration of your vibrational pattern. DO NOT FIGHT IT. This would result in a great unbalance for you. Indeed, it could be quite detrimental to your health mode.

It is anticipated by the ones of the Council that this inpouring shall bring about a great unbalance upon the planet. It is further anticipated that many of the un-enlightened ones shall react with a vibrational frequency that is as an onslaught to the ones of Light.

Do not, I repeat, do not engage yourselves in actions or activities that would bring great knowledge of your presence. Allow yourselves to be with like kind engaging in activities that would nurture and comfort you. Allow for your beings, all of your beings, to adjust to this alteration in vibrational frequency…

Ye ones who would walk the Pathe of Light shall be as ones to recognize of these changes, both internally and externally. Allow for the experience. Silence the tongue that the totality might have opportunity to experience. Be as one content in the moment, allowing naught to dislodge you from your place.

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