Letters From Home: Vol. II

Question: How are new cycles brought about?
Sarna: Picture if you will, a great pool, a great round pool of waters. Within the center of this great pool of waters, there is a most beautiful and perfect flower. There has slowly gone out from the perfect flower, runners that small blossoms would appear throughout the pond. Let each blossom be in your mind, a universe. In order for a runner to go forth that additional blossoms might have the opportunity to come into manifestation, there must be something, there is something which goes forth from the central blossom to allow an outcropping or a manifestation of a new blossom.

If you would recognize that you on planet Earth are a blossom and from that blossom is to go forth a new blossom, a new universe, a new thought level. As this is done, this blossom assumes the bud size that you have through your evolution, and you in turn are perceived to be closer to the central blossom, to grow in your own size and beauty because of the manifestation of the newer one. The newer one, as it would come forth, therefore has an impact upon you. Indeed, as you are affected by the manifestation of the new flower, there is a ripple within the pond that is felt by all the blossoms. Thus the waves of the pond cause the blossoms to move closer to the central one, the one that was the original of all.

I recognize this is a very elementary example, but that which is taking place within the Cosmos is one that has a complexity to it that is easy to share in thought form, but is one most difficult to project into your accepted vocabulary.

Hatonn:… You are closing of one age, that which is known to you as the Piscean Age, to go into that age which is known to you as the Age of Aquarius. You are also closing of the major cycle, the 280,000 year cycle, as well as the 126,000 year cycle. By the mere fact that these three cycles are coming together at the same time produces for Earth and for the rest of the universe a noted planetary shift. Earth shall assume a new berth as she rotates about the sun, just as the other planets shall assume a new berth.

It shall come into your awareness that there are other planets within this universe that have not been recognized by your scientists. As these cycles close and the new ones begin this shall come into your awareness. However, at the completion of these cycles and as Earth changes on her axis, there shall be a certain amount of cleansing and unbalancing that will transpire on Earth at that time. This is the period that we have often spoken of as that period in which many of you shall be taken from Earth to observe her cleansing from a much more comfortable distance.

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