Letters From Home: Vol. I

Greetings my beloved ones, I am Monka to speak with you this hour. I greet you in Light of the Divine One. At this time I am on the command ship that circles your hemisphere. It is with deep gratitude that I welcome this opportunity to speak. I assure you this shall be the first of many discussions that we will have.

My message this hour is to each of you. I put forth this request. Each of you is a Light unto its own, and each of you know of other Lights. I ask that you share my words with these dear ones for there is great need at this time. Indeed, I ask of your assistance.

The Earth teeters most precariously, and we of the Intergalactic Fleet have formed an energy field to help maintain the Earth on its present course. I ask that those of the Light that are presently on the Earth, might too enfold her in positive energies that she might stay on her axis, on her present course. Enfold her in love, and to each of her inhabitants send forth the Love and Light of the Divine Creator that they too might come forth and cast away their negative thoughts and deeds. It is because of the areas on your planet of concentrated negativity that the Earth’s hold is so tenuous at this time. Share my word that others might also concentrate their energies in cooperation with ours…

I greet you each in the sign of the Solar Cross, and to each I extend my personal gratitude for your efforts on behalf of all mankind. I am Monka signing off for this hour. Hold forth the Light and share of the love my brothers, my sisters.

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