Hello, I’m Tobias, Can I Come Talk To You?

Hello. My name is Tobias. I would like to talk to you. I am what you big people would call an Elemental. Our job is to hold the concept for those things on Earth that do not have a consciousness of its own, like trees and flowers, cars and houses and lakes and all that stuff.

A long, long time ago I came from Nuff to be in a car that was going to belong to Mistress and Master. When they were at a special place in their life’s journey I began my real job — which was to talk to them and to you. I could send thoughts to Mistress and she could then feel them and know what I was thinking. We had planned this a long time ago before she came to be. It was a hoppy(happy) time for me. Just a little bit after that Master had to take a trip and I was told that I was to go with him. It was a long way and we went in a car that goes high in the sky. I slipped into Master’s pocket. It was berry(very) exciting.

One sleep time after we got to where we were going ones of the King came to me and took me to meet the King. He was berry big and he said to me, “TOBIAS, I HAVE A JOB FOR YOU. I WISH FOR YOU TO TALK TO THE BIG PEOPLE AND TELL THEM ABOUT US AND THE THINGS THAT WE DO. I WANT YOU TO TELL THEM HOW WE CAN ALL WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS PLACE BETTER AND HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER. WE NEED THEIR HELP. IF THEY KNOW ABOUT US AND ACKNOWLEDGE US WE CAN ALL WORK TOGETHER. WE CAN HELP THEM TO BE HAPPIER AND THEY CAN HELP US TO GROW.” He then gave me a medal to put about my neck. It was a sign of my ‘portant job.. Then the keepers of the gate took me back to Master. I was very proud to have such a ‘portant thing to do.

Then three sun times later we got on the car that goes in the air and went back to Mistress. I have never left her again. I talk to the big people when we go to talk to groups of people, big people. We do not go much now ‘cause Mistress has other jobs to do.

We live on a little farm with two dog people, three horse people and trees and water and plants and everything! We know the names of everybody. They talk to us and we talk to them. There is Anabella who takes care of the house, Aristotle who takes care of the land and Andrew who is the big teacher for all the wee ones. Our life is Bufull(beautiful).

Now you know ‘bout me. I would like to know bout you. I will send you a heart to go on your backward looking glass in your car if you write to me. It means you are love and you are loved.
Good bye. That’s all.

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