Conclave: Meeting of the Ones

Jokhym: Most honored compatriots, beloved statesman, most precious one, I am honored to share with you. As you are aware, as I journeyed from the university I came for a short observation of that which is known as earth man kind, for there is a uniqueness in this creature. And within this creature is displayed specific peculiarities, attributes, whatever word you would choose, that is not as easily observable in other ones of Creation.

Those, where my associates and I have carefully recorded, this the emotional and the mental activity of that which is known as earth man kind, it is noted that at the heightened energy periods upon the planet, as there is an acceleration in the vibrational frequency within the form, that which is the earth man reacts in one of two ways. He brings about that which is a great euphoria, or he settles into that which is a great sadness. His emotional being is affected by that which is the pull of the moon and, as you are aware, this particular planet has but one moon. The emotions and the mental activity of earth man kind are affected by that which is the weather patterns and the interrelationships, one with another. Yea, that which would be called their “pets” or their small companions have a specific effect upon the mental and the emotional well-being of the individual.

We have recorded and we observe that in the majority of cases, the ones upon the planet do not feel themselves in control of themselves, but rather, they are quick to lay blame or responsibility on ones that are outside of themselves, rather than accepting the responsibility within themselves. Indeed, they feel, and it is a common phrase we hear, that “someone has done it to me.” Yet, they fail to accept that they have allowed specific energy patterns into their fields, with resulting feeling, emotions, and mental activity. It is also noted that the mental and emotional status affects the physical well-being of the individual. In summary, we have noted that earth man does not assume responsibility for his form, his thoughts, or his reactions. He is quick to scatter his energy fields and allow others to enter at will…

It is anticipated, therefore, that ones who have maintained a narrow hold on stability shall no longer be able to function, but will require assistance from others in the terms of hospitalizations and treatments. Others will become quite charged by the energies and will feel they can accomplish great goals, only to find as they have placed their energies in these areas that they will become defeated. This shall result in an increase in the suicidal pattern. As the economy of the planet shifts, and as the governments reveal their true identities, there shall well up within many ones that which is a great anger, with the resulting that ones will take up arms against their brothers, and with the minimum of excuse use these arms against the other.

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