Conclave: 5th Meeting

Ashtar: My brothers and sisters of the Cosmos, Workers of the Light on planet Earth, you ones who are star seeds who have come forth for her assistance, representatives of all cosmic realms, may I add my welcome as you would come aboard this ship. I have asked to speak in this point of the presentation, for indeed it would seem my thoughts would be as the culmination and yet, the beginning.

Various ones have spoken at great length concerning the infusion to awaken the Son energies in those inhabitants of the planet and indeed those who come close to the planet. Others have spoken of the obstacles which must be overcome. And still others have spoken of the joys which are merely part of being facets of Divine Light.

My thought for each of you regardless of your station, be it on Earth or be it an assignment about the earth’s surface: Hold fast. The vibration shall become quite turbulent for the closing of this cycle. Indeed, some ones will feel as if they are on a roller coaster of earth origin, for up and down and around they shall go, and they shall feel beaten and whipped until they question of their very beingness. I say to you to hold on; hold on. Hold on to that spark which is within you.

Know as each of you, regardless of assignment, reaches the point you feel you can no longer tolerate the extreme, know you are whisked aboard the ship for recharging and regeneration. We will not let you fail as long as the desire within you is there, my earth ones. Change does not come easily, yet change must come in order for Earth to take her next step.

The beautiful Master Germain has asked to speak when I have concluded sharing my thoughts; to speak to you of what specifically lies before you, so you might have anchored in your consciousness the goal of your experience. This goal can be achieved within most of your lifetimes. It is not some elusive thing that is way, way beyond your grasp, for indeed it is within your grasp for most of you.

We recognize there are those of you who are weary in assignment, and you are selecting to leave. I say to each of you, “Well done,” for you have anchored thought which would appear before its time. You have set about an inquiry which most ones would ignore. I say to you, “Well done.” You who feel you have done no thing, great has been your contribution. Well done.

This opportunity to leave the planet is being afforded to ones who have completed their part. They shall release their forms to enter into realms which are compatible, be they cosmic or otherwise. Some of you will note, in the last years on planet Earth since this infusion there have been various catastrophic geophysical happenings which have allowed ones to be released. They now have rejuvenated, recharged, and some of them are selecting to return to take the place of those who now are taken up through geophysical changes.

Those of you who have and do serve of this planet and its inhabitants have developed a unique feeling towards the planet and your fellow inhabitants. Indeed, against obstacle, you have a belief in those other ones so closely attuned to Earth. Some of you have developed ties which would seem most unusual in other situations. To say you are highly commended is indeed an understatement. I can only say to each of you, your assignment continues, and its challenges intensify.

Before any harmony, before any flow, there is always that which is a high level of confusion; indeed, a — what shall we say? — a desire for change, with no goal in mind, merely the desire for that which is different. This is your present state…

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