Conclave: 4th Meeting

Ashtar: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Command, and star seed representatives, I have requested this meeting so we might come together to give Earth Man specifics in his formula for transition. As you are aware, in your communiques with Earth Man, they have sought this particular information from each of you. I would ask, as I know my colleagues who are seated about this table would ask, for your input, your thoughts, which would assist Earth Man in his time of crises — that which we elect to call the transition process. It is of the hour to respond to his needs so he might release an area of apprehension and anxiety — two factors which impede his ability to function in his highest potential. May I offer my gratitude to each of you for responding to the call for this forum…

Monka: With your indulgence, I would share a few thoughts concerning this project. It would appear we might speak to our brothers and sisters of planet Earth on the levels of their totality. Thus, each could glean from this endeavor that which might assist them. (Tuieta: There was a murmur about the room in agreement with what Commander Monka was saying. He looked about and smiled as if he already knew this was the way the endeavor would be done.) With this in mind, may I begin by speaking to and about the spiritual aspects of Earth Mankind.

Since man first entered the dimension of duality and first walked upon the planet Earth, he has been constantly reminded he is not just the form and its various conscious reactions, but he is spirit which is eternal. During specific portions of his evolution, ones have come to his planet, donned the garment of flesh to walk with him and to demonstrate to him, his spirituality.

He, Earth Man, initially felt very strongly of this connection. Indeed, at one point in his cycle he recognized he was not limited to his time and space, but he was a free being who could travel at will about his planet and enter into other dimensional consciousnesses. Gradually, as he has succumbed to the pull of his own dimension and the experience of duality, he has allowed himself to acknowledge only that which he experiences within his own dimension. Indeed, the majority of the collective of Earth deny that which is beyond their consciousness, though all ones, all ones, have had some experience which would validate to them the existence beyond the physical form, and truly that life is everlasting.

The majority of Earth Men deny these revelations, but rather, choose to call them ‘dreams,’ ‘figments of their imagination,’ or at best some unexplainable thing that happened to them as they would have a rage of fever or the physical being would be critically ill.

The earth experiment has been one of great denial of the spiritual aspect of the individual, even though all major religions upon the planet teach there is life after death and there is no ceasing in the experience. The Christian philosophy, which covers a large portion of the earth’s population, proclaims life after death. Though, if you would walk upon the street of any of the cities, the towns, the small hamlets, and you would ask of one if they were a Christian and they would reply in the affirmative, then you might ask them, are they afraid to die? Are they afraid to lay aside the physical form for an adventure which goes beyond the conscious one? They would raise their eyebrows at you and say, “Yes, I am afraid to die. But I will, if it is God’s will.” And so far there has only been one who has overcome the death experience — the one whom we call the Christ, our Master; the one who came as Jesus.

Then, if you would ask this same one, “Did he not say to you, you could do what he does, and did he not demonstrate the love of the Creator and the fact of overcoming the death process? And did he not say to you, Earth Man, you can do all he does? Why can you not believe this?”

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