Conclave: 3rd Meeting

Ashtar: Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Commanders. Though the thoughts given forth have been primarily for those on the Earth plane, we of the other realms recognize the part we are to share with those upon the plane.

Each of us is ready. We are in a state of readiness, a state of alert which shall be maintained until man returns to planet Earth in its newness — in his newness also.

We have asked this Conclave be recorded and be made available to ones upon the Earth plane so each might have an opportunity to consciously experience this gathering and to have the information available on the Earth plane. It is recognized there are some who will feel a fear element in that which is shared. We in no way desire to bring about fear in the hearts of any one. There are those who will receive our thoughts and recognize the wisdom shared.

I could speak to you about preparation. I could speak to you of our location and the patterns of our ships as we monitor each of you. It would be of no consequence for you at this hour. For indeed the primary knowing you need is to know you are not alone and as long as you maintain a balance within your own system you can be easily lifted off in a matter of seconds. So you have no reason to fear or be afraid of that which is before you.

If you have been as one to procrastinate until tomorrow, may I strongly say to you, your tomorrow has come. For those who would desire the date, the time, the place, we have shared as much specificity as can be shared. Recognize the dates given to you are not absolute. They are mere calculations on the Cosmic calendar. You who would choose to ignore this information, know we serve with you as well.

The Earth Mother has been abused and misused by the collective consciousness of man, this one who was entrusted with her care. We have come to help her heal the wounds and to instill the trust that seems to have been dissipated over a lifetime. What is this thing called lifetime? It is an experience. It is a growth. It is a growing of the soul’s experience into its own Christed Divinity. It is the awakening within the heart of each, each planet, each star, each man, each wo-man.

As I stand before you, I stand as a brother who desires for his brothers and sisters to grow, to hold specific familial concepts that their parents would be proud as they go forth. The Source of our Being knows no pride. The Source of our Being feels consciously, continually the love that Is. We are ready for our portion. We stand ready to work with you…

I would lift my hand in blessing to each of you even as I receive the blessing from each of you. I cannot put into expression the overflowing of my heart as I gaze at your radiance. Thank you.

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