Conclave: 2nd Meeting

Pahotec: Greetings compatriots, servers of the Infinite One. I will speak this hour of that which are the governmental structures upon the planet known as Earth. It has been noted since the introduction of the energies of the last Conclave that the initial six months on the calendar of Earth man has been a stormy one. That which is the diversity within the governmental systems is fast being called to task by those that are the governed. Those states which would be dictatorships and mono-rules are ones that have begun to feel an unsettling and an unbalance. There have been demonstrations by governed ones, asking for changes in their systems. These have been received mostly as revolutionary uprisings to be put down or suppressed. This shaking of the foundations of dictatorships upon the planet shall increase and be in an accelerated state. That which has been the representation of the past age is being questioned by the forerunners of that which is an age of enlightenment that is coming to the planet. That which was the old does not tolerate the questioning of the new.

Various leaders have denounced the possibilities of one world governments, of a government of the planet that is known as Earth. This is because the whole concept is one that is frightening to them, for it places them in a position in which they must be accountable for their own actions and interactions upon the planet. Steps are being taken by governments that operate behind closed doors to bring about a lessening of trade barriers and restrictions, a freer flow of commerce. Though this is being introduced behind the concept of control, it is also being used as a method to lessen the barriers that have separated peoples.

We have gone into form, dimensional form, in order to speak with all of the leaders upon the planet during this initial period. The receptions have been many and varied. None have been of a total acceptance. Though we speak of brotherhood, there are those about the planet that would be called the extraterrestrial forces about planet Earth that strongly seek to discourage any acceptance of our proposals for peace and peaceful coexistence. These ones see planet Earth as a giant laboratory where they may conduct their experiments and exercise their control over that which they feel is lesser than themselves. Hence, we have received a minimum of acceptance by the heads of governments and the heads of military units.

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