Collective Consciousness Of Earth Man Kind By Lord Ochoomi

The stages of evolution, the rudimentary steps that have been taken by Earth man kind, are noted, are observed. Specific thought patterns that have been well ingrained into the thinking process of this individual creature shall be altered until there is an extinction of these patterns. These are thought patterns that have been ingrained by the collective consciousness of the habitation of the planet. Hence, from one incarnation to another, they have been accepted and have been plied. These thought forms have been the thought forms that would hold and limit the individual expanded consciousness. These thought forms have held Earth man kind in a most rudimentary position within the planetary systems.

I would quicken to add, this is not meant to take away from that which man is on Earth, or that which he has attained, for indeed, he has attained great strides. However, his has been an evolutionary process of reaching a pinnacle, only to fall into the abyss to again begin his climb to the pinnacle. And what is the pinnacle? The pinnacle is the attainment of the Christ consciousness in totality of the individual temple.

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