ARCHANGELS (Excerpted from newsletters)

(Excerpted from newsletters)




Come, come open the door with me that I might speak in the tongue of man, that he too might receive.  I am Gabriel.  I am kno-n as the messenger of hope, of prophecy, of that which is yet to come.  I speak as the messenger of all ones who are of my station that I might bring greetings and kno-ing to the children of Earth.

As they would have entered and passed through their turbulation so it is there shall be yet facets of my station which shall reveal themselves to this new place, these ones who have weathered of the storm.  For this time, for this place, I say rejoice, rejoice, rejoice.

Even as I would bring forth my vibration through this one, my child, so it is I have opened the door that others might share of themselves of that which they are.  For man has looked upon ones of my station in a view which would seem focused only upon his plane.  Let it be kno-n this day we are keepers of all planes of all dimensions.  We are keepers of all places within the Cosmos.  For each has a unique gift they bring unto creation; each has a unique gift they bring unto the collective which is the expression of God, the Essence of all Creation.  Let it be kno-n that each as He would speak does identify himself into the awareness of Earth Man Kind so he might familiarize himself with the vibration represented by each.

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