To The Seeker

Wel-cum/welcome to Portals of Light.  Welcome for taking your step through the portal to begin a personal journey to help you grow in your own consciousness, Divine harmony and universal alignment.

We offer materials, all channeled through Tuieta, for your own personal growth and understanding.  Ones of many realms, The Ascended Masters, The Cosmic Sister-brother-hood, The Great White Brother-hood, The Elemental Kingdom, and even the elusive Sasquatch/bigfoot/yeti have given Tuieta the privilege of recording their thoughts to assist you on your journey.  You learn you are never alone.  Indeed, you Kno/know you are never alone.  And you have all the tools you need for any experience.

For you my friends who are taking your initial step on your journey we offer books etc. to help you with your first step.  All of us have been at this point in our lives.

And for those of you who have developed specific interests or avenues we have books etc. to challenge your thoughts and perhaps to look outside your “box”.

You will find a list of books, sets of newsletters published over the past years, and an ever expanding library for you to peruse.  If you wish to purchase books and/or newsletters you can pay the suggested amount.  In addition, there is a notation under the purchase button that reflects the instructions given to us by the Masters – “No one shall be denied purchase because of monies.  Please contact us if you cannot purchase the book because of lack of funds.”.  The content of the library is free to all.

As you peruse through the titles one will jump out at you.  This is the key for your beginning.  We suggest you always read everything three times so that you get the real message.  In reading this material, or any other, test it, how does it feel to you?  How do you feel?  Are you troubled, content or confused?  If you are troubled and unsettled put the writing aside.  Just as there are ones here on Earth that are thoughtful, helpful and “nice” there also ones who would do you harm and take advantage of you or even seek to control you.  Stay away!  The same is true of the ones of the other side – put their material aside.  Surround yourself in Light and kno/know they cannot harm you as long as you are enfolded in Light.  This is your first lesson – discernment.

About Portals

Let us tell you a little bit about Portals of Light.  At certain points in the earth’s cycles messengers are sent forth to receive and share teachings of truth to assist mankind on their path to divine perfection.  Tuieta is one of those messengers.

In the 1980’s Portals of Light, Inc. was established to share these teachings.  Teachings received through Tuieta have also been shared in books and newsletters published by others as well as being translated into other languages.

Thus is the journey of Portals of Light.

In Light
and Love
from all of us at Portals