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The library includes an ever expanding series of messages covering an array of topics. Feel free to browse and/or print off a message on a particular topic of interest. If you want to share a specific channeling we ask you to give credit to the one who sent forth the message. Enjoy!

WHO OR WHAT IS ASHTAR? – (Excerpt newsletters vol. 85-87)

Ashtar: Good morning, Tuieta. It is with great joy we feel the balance which has returned to you. We have felt of your struggle, yet, as you know, we have been but able to stand by you as you take your steps for we cannot interfere. As you feel the awakening of the golden sun, let it be a symbol for you of your own awakening. As the sun returns to warm your part of the sphere each day, let it be a reminder of your own return to purpose and intent. Feel of the release as the struggle decreases and harmony increases. A lesson learned is, to be with flow is to be in harmony. To feel isolated, is to feel the struggle. Continue reading

TO WORKERS OF THE LIGHT – (El Morya) – (Excerpt from newsletter vol 117)

Light is the result or observation of inertia being brushed by ertia.
How does that pertain to you as a worker of Light in your world today? Light signifies, indeed, manifests an alteration in the existent. You who seek, bring about this friction or touching with all you consciously or non-consciously touch. To touch does not have to be a physical act, it can be as a thought sent forth, or an emotional exchange or a spiritual communion. It can be the result of all energy from an individual’s totality as it passes through, is altered and changed. It is the ever-present, ever-changing energy as it meets and touches your totality. It is the spark as energy is. The spark is the recognition of energy alteration or modification. Continue reading

THE SLEEPING VOID – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 88)

I am that which lies in wakening
To be touched by the gentle whisper of the Eternalness.
I wriggle and stretch
And dance the dance of joy
As I come into my beingness by this mere touch.
For it sets me free
To be the imagination,
To be the fulfillment of imagination,
Of dreams.
I give willingly of that which I am
To set into motion all which perpetuates the myth of totality.
For I, in truth, am but a part which responds to the gentle touch.
Continue reading

LIFE ON FETOGIA IN THE THIRD GALAXY – (Excerpted from “Letters from Home: Vol. II”)

Greetings eartheans, it is Cuptan Fetogia speaking. Blessings in the Light of the Divine Principle to all of your planet from all of us…..

I send forth the message of PEACE to all of earth man-kind. I speak only in peace of all man-kind of all universes, of all galaxies. It is hoped that all of the unresolved energies that are presently being so beautifully contained within this universe of yours will shortly be put to constructive and purposeful use. It is also our wish for each of you and all of your galaxy that you might arrive at the point that you recognize the futility of warring and weapon build-up. It is our sincere desire for each of you that you feel of the peace of the Divine Principle that is yours at your inception. O’eartheans, we ask for you to be able to live in the state that is now ours with the same anticipation that we have at the thought of moving into the next spatial dimension. Continue reading


Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I am Tobias. And for those of you with eye to see, I am sitting between Master and Mistress. I am about 18 inches tall, and I have a beautiful green sweater. And I have a fedora that has a feather in it. And I have lovely socks that come up to my knees. Some of you would say, I look like your interpretation of a leprechaun. That is all right if you would wish to call me that, but I am not a leprechaun. I come as a representative of the elemental kingdom. I come as a representative of those ones that are with you all the time that you do not see……. Continue reading

E=MC2 – (Cum-Ah) – (Excerpts from newsletters)

Look now at that which is E = MC2 from not the third dimension but from the universal laws. First: E = energy; M = Mass; C2 = the speed of Light times itself. This is a linear concept which when followed to its conclusion draws itself into that which is perceived as infinity. Infinity then is perceived as that which is the completion and summation of all. This could, in the most simplistic of terms, be the definition of the concept of your altered physics. Look now at that which is the formation of mass. Mass is energy as it slows in vibration to produce an identifiable object. Continue reading

ARCHANGELS (Excerpted from newsletters)

Come, come open the door with me that I might speak in the tongue of man, that he too might receive. I am Gabriel. I am kno-n as the messenger of hope, of prophecy, of that which is yet to come. I speak as the messenger of all ones who are of my station that I might bring greetings and kno-ing to the children of Earth. As they would have entered and passed through their turbulation so it is there shall be yet facets of my station which shall reveal themselves to this new place, these ones who have weathered of the storm. For this time, for this place, I say rejoice, rejoice, rejoice. Continue reading

THE EARTH MOTHER – (Excerpt from newsletter vol. 88)

Cum, sit beside my waters,
Be nourished, be cleansed.
Feel of my tears.
As each ocean, each lake is filled to its capacity,
Drink of my waters, my tears.
Feel as your thirst is quenched.
I am filled to over-flowing to give,
To serve you in your struggle to perfection.
Cum drink, be cleansed.
O’ ye small ones for whom I am entrusted,
Feel of my joy,
Hear my laughter,
As you stand first on trembling limb,
Then sure and strong.
Walk of my land.
Feel of its strength beneath your feet,
It is my strength. Continue reading


It is with joy that I enter your field that I might speak with you. Beatrix here. As I observe planet Earth and those of you who have taken on embodiment at this hour there is a great recognition. Those of you that have eye to see on your plane shall become increasingly aware of a chain of events, of activities that are taking place upon your planet. Stations are being constructed. No, these are not enormous landing things such as necessary for your airstrips, your airships, but lighted landing areas are being constructed. Ones are coming together in a commonality of cause, of purpose. Continue reading


Greetings eartheans. I am Captain Leika at your service. I too serve in the Light of the Radiant One. And though I do not come specifically under the immediate command of Commander Ashtar, I serve in a different realm on a different assignment. My planet is one that is not known to you. And I shared its name before (that this one might be familiar with it.) It is Aron-u-tuk. And here I feel this one smiling because we first introduced the similarity to her as your animal called the orangutan. Continue reading