(Tuieta): I was privileged to record a series of sessions that included the Christed Station, the Masters, Ashtar Command and others. These were held on a ship referred to as the teaching ship. Many, many of you attended these and other sessions. The purpose of this book is to help you recall the many things you learned so that you will have a clearer picture of your role in assisting mankind through this turbulent transition period.

The Teaching Ship

Ashtar: Welcome. Welcome to each of you. We have taken the liberty of dividing this auspicious group into small groups for the purpose of this first segment of the program. This, we hope, will allow for a freer exchange among you. I apologize, I am Commander Ashtar. Those of us of the realms beyond your own have come together to plan this meeting. It is an opportunity for you of your planet to come together in a non-threatening state to work through thoughts and concepts, to define concepts of change, peaceful change, upon your planet.

Each country you represent has gifts which can be shared or bartered with others. Your planet cannot continue to exist in its present state of conflict and chaos. Economically you have initiated steps of a global economy. This needs to be expanded. Other areas of shared development need to open up and expand. We ask you to open your eyes, and your hearts to a planet of unity not fractionalized development.

Each of you have recording material before you. We would ask each of you to record three things you have in the group of peoples you represent that you can share with other groups of peoples on your planet. Please note, it is not what you need but what you already have available to you.

I will close for now that you might ponder the answers. There will be mentors among you to assist you. Thank you…

* * * * *

Thank you for your participation. In the totals for everyone currently here in all rooms 87% of you felt you had nothing to share at this point. The remaining 13% felt you had resources you could share. Ladies and gentlemen, some in the 13% had resources but did not feel a need to share these with others of the planet. May I suggest some of your resources you have overlooked, such as labor resources; willingness and enthusiasm as a resource; the love of fellow man as a resource; water; foods; supplies to build shelters; relief of pain as a resource; putting down of arms and the ability to manufacture arms as a resource; cessation of activities that harm the planet; the plant life and its animals as a resource; the assistance in the educative process and the supplies to accomplish this; the willingness to learn new or different things than is currently available to your region. The list could go on and on, but do you see, do you feel what is being put forth before you?

As you have come together on this ship, you have been selected by the Masters as ones who by location, temperament or position have the ability to begin an orchestration of change. Change for peace and harmony on your planet. You as a peoples and as a planet have all the resources necessary to begin and accomplish the change. Think, look, feel beyond the obvious on your conscious level. May we offer a few concepts or definitions for you to assist you in your thinking process?

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In this series, the reader is taken to the great meeting rooms of the command ship of our brothers and sisters of space to experience the recording of the five meetings. You receive the summons to chambers, are contacted by Sarna, taken aboard her private ship and delivered to the “Star of Bethlehem” to take your seat for each of the meetings. Through the recorder, you feel the energies of each of the Masters and Commanders as they share their views on a wide variety of topics concerning Earth and its inhabitants.

Conclave: Meeting of the Ones

Jokhym: Most honored compatriots, beloved statesman, most precious one, I am honored to share with you. As you are aware, as I journeyed from the university I came for a short observation of that which is known as earth man kind, for there is a uniqueness in this creature. And within this creature is displayed specific peculiarities, attributes, whatever word you would choose, that is not as easily observable in other ones of Creation.

Those, where my associates and I have carefully recorded, this the emotional and the mental activity of that which is known as earth man kind, it is noted that at the heightened energy periods upon the planet, as there is an acceleration in the vibrational frequency within the form, that which is the earth man reacts in one of two ways. He brings about that which is a great euphoria, or he settles into that which is a great sadness. His emotional being is affected by that which is the pull of the moon and, as you are aware, this particular planet has but one moon. The emotions and the mental activity of earth man kind are affected by that which is the weather patterns and the interrelationships, one with another. Yea, that which would be called their “pets” or their small companions have a specific effect upon the mental and the emotional well-being of the individual.

We have recorded and we observe that in the majority of cases, the ones upon the planet do not feel themselves in control of themselves, but rather, they are quick to lay blame or responsibility on ones that are outside of themselves, rather than accepting the responsibility within themselves. Indeed, they feel, and it is a common phrase we hear, that “someone has done it to me.” Yet, they fail to accept that they have allowed specific energy patterns into their fields, with resulting feeling, emotions, and mental activity. It is also noted that the mental and emotional status affects the physical well-being of the individual. In summary, we have noted that earth man does not assume responsibility for his form, his thoughts, or his reactions. He is quick to scatter his energy fields and allow others to enter at will…

It is anticipated, therefore, that ones who have maintained a narrow hold on stability shall no longer be able to function, but will require assistance from others in the terms of hospitalizations and treatments. Others will become quite charged by the energies and will feel they can accomplish great goals, only to find as they have placed their energies in these areas that they will become defeated. This shall result in an increase in the suicidal pattern. As the economy of the planet shifts, and as the governments reveal their true identities, there shall well up within many ones that which is a great anger, with the resulting that ones will take up arms against their brothers, and with the minimum of excuse use these arms against the other.

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Conclave: 2nd Meeting

Pahotec: Greetings compatriots, servers of the Infinite One. I will speak this hour of that which are the governmental structures upon the planet known as Earth. It has been noted since the introduction of the energies of the last Conclave that the initial six months on the calendar of Earth man has been a stormy one. That which is the diversity within the governmental systems is fast being called to task by those that are the governed. Those states which would be dictatorships and mono-rules are ones that have begun to feel an unsettling and an unbalance. There have been demonstrations by governed ones, asking for changes in their systems. These have been received mostly as revolutionary uprisings to be put down or suppressed. This shaking of the foundations of dictatorships upon the planet shall increase and be in an accelerated state. That which has been the representation of the past age is being questioned by the forerunners of that which is an age of enlightenment that is coming to the planet. That which was the old does not tolerate the questioning of the new.

Various leaders have denounced the possibilities of one world governments, of a government of the planet that is known as Earth. This is because the whole concept is one that is frightening to them, for it places them in a position in which they must be accountable for their own actions and interactions upon the planet. Steps are being taken by governments that operate behind closed doors to bring about a lessening of trade barriers and restrictions, a freer flow of commerce. Though this is being introduced behind the concept of control, it is also being used as a method to lessen the barriers that have separated peoples.

We have gone into form, dimensional form, in order to speak with all of the leaders upon the planet during this initial period. The receptions have been many and varied. None have been of a total acceptance. Though we speak of brotherhood, there are those about the planet that would be called the extraterrestrial forces about planet Earth that strongly seek to discourage any acceptance of our proposals for peace and peaceful coexistence. These ones see planet Earth as a giant laboratory where they may conduct their experiments and exercise their control over that which they feel is lesser than themselves. Hence, we have received a minimum of acceptance by the heads of governments and the heads of military units.

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Conclave: 3rd Meeting

Ashtar: Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Commanders. Though the thoughts given forth have been primarily for those on the Earth plane, we of the other realms recognize the part we are to share with those upon the plane.

Each of us is ready. We are in a state of readiness, a state of alert which shall be maintained until man returns to planet Earth in its newness — in his newness also.

We have asked this Conclave be recorded and be made available to ones upon the Earth plane so each might have an opportunity to consciously experience this gathering and to have the information available on the Earth plane. It is recognized there are some who will feel a fear element in that which is shared. We in no way desire to bring about fear in the hearts of any one. There are those who will receive our thoughts and recognize the wisdom shared.

I could speak to you about preparation. I could speak to you of our location and the patterns of our ships as we monitor each of you. It would be of no consequence for you at this hour. For indeed the primary knowing you need is to know you are not alone and as long as you maintain a balance within your own system you can be easily lifted off in a matter of seconds. So you have no reason to fear or be afraid of that which is before you.

If you have been as one to procrastinate until tomorrow, may I strongly say to you, your tomorrow has come. For those who would desire the date, the time, the place, we have shared as much specificity as can be shared. Recognize the dates given to you are not absolute. They are mere calculations on the Cosmic calendar. You who would choose to ignore this information, know we serve with you as well.

The Earth Mother has been abused and misused by the collective consciousness of man, this one who was entrusted with her care. We have come to help her heal the wounds and to instill the trust that seems to have been dissipated over a lifetime. What is this thing called lifetime? It is an experience. It is a growth. It is a growing of the soul’s experience into its own Christed Divinity. It is the awakening within the heart of each, each planet, each star, each man, each wo-man.

As I stand before you, I stand as a brother who desires for his brothers and sisters to grow, to hold specific familial concepts that their parents would be proud as they go forth. The Source of our Being knows no pride. The Source of our Being feels consciously, continually the love that Is. We are ready for our portion. We stand ready to work with you…

I would lift my hand in blessing to each of you even as I receive the blessing from each of you. I cannot put into expression the overflowing of my heart as I gaze at your radiance. Thank you.

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Conclave: 4th Meeting

Ashtar: Ladies and Gentlemen of the Command, and star seed representatives, I have requested this meeting so we might come together to give Earth Man specifics in his formula for transition. As you are aware, in your communiques with Earth Man, they have sought this particular information from each of you. I would ask, as I know my colleagues who are seated about this table would ask, for your input, your thoughts, which would assist Earth Man in his time of crises — that which we elect to call the transition process. It is of the hour to respond to his needs so he might release an area of apprehension and anxiety — two factors which impede his ability to function in his highest potential. May I offer my gratitude to each of you for responding to the call for this forum…

Monka: With your indulgence, I would share a few thoughts concerning this project. It would appear we might speak to our brothers and sisters of planet Earth on the levels of their totality. Thus, each could glean from this endeavor that which might assist them. (Tuieta: There was a murmur about the room in agreement with what Commander Monka was saying. He looked about and smiled as if he already knew this was the way the endeavor would be done.) With this in mind, may I begin by speaking to and about the spiritual aspects of Earth Mankind.

Since man first entered the dimension of duality and first walked upon the planet Earth, he has been constantly reminded he is not just the form and its various conscious reactions, but he is spirit which is eternal. During specific portions of his evolution, ones have come to his planet, donned the garment of flesh to walk with him and to demonstrate to him, his spirituality.

He, Earth Man, initially felt very strongly of this connection. Indeed, at one point in his cycle he recognized he was not limited to his time and space, but he was a free being who could travel at will about his planet and enter into other dimensional consciousnesses. Gradually, as he has succumbed to the pull of his own dimension and the experience of duality, he has allowed himself to acknowledge only that which he experiences within his own dimension. Indeed, the majority of the collective of Earth deny that which is beyond their consciousness, though all ones, all ones, have had some experience which would validate to them the existence beyond the physical form, and truly that life is everlasting.

The majority of Earth Men deny these revelations, but rather, choose to call them ‘dreams,’ ‘figments of their imagination,’ or at best some unexplainable thing that happened to them as they would have a rage of fever or the physical being would be critically ill.

The earth experiment has been one of great denial of the spiritual aspect of the individual, even though all major religions upon the planet teach there is life after death and there is no ceasing in the experience. The Christian philosophy, which covers a large portion of the earth’s population, proclaims life after death. Though, if you would walk upon the street of any of the cities, the towns, the small hamlets, and you would ask of one if they were a Christian and they would reply in the affirmative, then you might ask them, are they afraid to die? Are they afraid to lay aside the physical form for an adventure which goes beyond the conscious one? They would raise their eyebrows at you and say, “Yes, I am afraid to die. But I will, if it is God’s will.” And so far there has only been one who has overcome the death experience — the one whom we call the Christ, our Master; the one who came as Jesus.

Then, if you would ask this same one, “Did he not say to you, you could do what he does, and did he not demonstrate the love of the Creator and the fact of overcoming the death process? And did he not say to you, Earth Man, you can do all he does? Why can you not believe this?”

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Conclave: 5th Meeting

Ashtar: My brothers and sisters of the Cosmos, Workers of the Light on planet Earth, you ones who are star seeds who have come forth for her assistance, representatives of all cosmic realms, may I add my welcome as you would come aboard this ship. I have asked to speak in this point of the presentation, for indeed it would seem my thoughts would be as the culmination and yet, the beginning.

Various ones have spoken at great length concerning the infusion to awaken the Son energies in those inhabitants of the planet and indeed those who come close to the planet. Others have spoken of the obstacles which must be overcome. And still others have spoken of the joys which are merely part of being facets of Divine Light.

My thought for each of you regardless of your station, be it on Earth or be it an assignment about the earth’s surface: Hold fast. The vibration shall become quite turbulent for the closing of this cycle. Indeed, some ones will feel as if they are on a roller coaster of earth origin, for up and down and around they shall go, and they shall feel beaten and whipped until they question of their very beingness. I say to you to hold on; hold on. Hold on to that spark which is within you.

Know as each of you, regardless of assignment, reaches the point you feel you can no longer tolerate the extreme, know you are whisked aboard the ship for recharging and regeneration. We will not let you fail as long as the desire within you is there, my earth ones. Change does not come easily, yet change must come in order for Earth to take her next step.

The beautiful Master Germain has asked to speak when I have concluded sharing my thoughts; to speak to you of what specifically lies before you, so you might have anchored in your consciousness the goal of your experience. This goal can be achieved within most of your lifetimes. It is not some elusive thing that is way, way beyond your grasp, for indeed it is within your grasp for most of you.

We recognize there are those of you who are weary in assignment, and you are selecting to leave. I say to each of you, “Well done,” for you have anchored thought which would appear before its time. You have set about an inquiry which most ones would ignore. I say to you, “Well done.” You who feel you have done no thing, great has been your contribution. Well done.

This opportunity to leave the planet is being afforded to ones who have completed their part. They shall release their forms to enter into realms which are compatible, be they cosmic or otherwise. Some of you will note, in the last years on planet Earth since this infusion there have been various catastrophic geophysical happenings which have allowed ones to be released. They now have rejuvenated, recharged, and some of them are selecting to return to take the place of those who now are taken up through geophysical changes.

Those of you who have and do serve of this planet and its inhabitants have developed a unique feeling towards the planet and your fellow inhabitants. Indeed, against obstacle, you have a belief in those other ones so closely attuned to Earth. Some of you have developed ties which would seem most unusual in other situations. To say you are highly commended is indeed an understatement. I can only say to each of you, your assignment continues, and its challenges intensify.

Before any harmony, before any flow, there is always that which is a high level of confusion; indeed, a — what shall we say? — a desire for change, with no goal in mind, merely the desire for that which is different. This is your present state…

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Welcome the New Beginning

Kut-Hu-Mi: I greet you, my brothers, my sisters, in the oneness in which we all dwell. Know each of you is a part of me, just as I, too, go forth to dwell with you. Our beloved Senior Advisor has given us a review, shall we say, of the impact of the Conclaves and the subsequent energy infusions which have resulted.

The Earth Mother has long evolved to reach her potential. It is this creature which has been entrusted to her who carries the God qualities who has needed assistance. So again, let me emphasize, just as the previous speaker emphasized, this particular infusion is to awaken and bring forth the Son energies within each individual divine representative upon the planet.

When I say “Son energies” I do not refer to gender, such as the male/female, son and daughter attitude on planet Earth. But in its purest definition the Son energies simply mean that facet of Source, the Omnipotent, which has gone forth in quest of the experience that it might express to its greatest potential. It is to say, that which is Source which dwells within human form awakens and swells to consume the form, that the individual would be guided in all aspects of their life by the Divine within.

Earth man has gone through many phases of that which has been male and female. Indeed, in your Twentieth Century you had quite an uprising in some parts of your planet as to the rights and the privileges of being within a female form. Some took this to quite an extreme. The purpose of the male and the female forms were and are for creation, procreation purposes. Neither was to bow their knee to the other, for they were to walk side by side, recognizing the importance of the gift each brings to the planet and for their personal experiences, as well as to assist the experiences for others.

In creating this separation, or sexes as you call them, no intent was ever to bring forth one as superior to the other. In your Book of Wisdom, that which is called your Holy Bible, many times many words have been changed and exchanged in the various stages of translation. Even so, Earth man — and here, I refer to a species — must read this precious book remembering much of it was given in simple stories and lessons which were appropriate for the audience at the time of delivery. Through the ages of translations this has been neglected and forgotten. It is, in this new time of your Twenty-First Century, man will seek for the origin of the Word and hence, dwell more on the concept behind the story than on the actual story itself.

As you turn, or step through the portal beyond your year 2000, much radical change awaits you. The close of your Twentieth Century began the process which shall now accelerate. Organized religions and the separations they encourage shall quickly diminish. Just as man seeks the concept behind a teaching, be it any of your major religious divisions, he shall begin to experience the similarity of the concept behind the thought. This will not come easily. Indeed, there will be wars fought to retain the separation and the right to interpret as was done in the Twentieth Century.

At the close of the first quarter of this century much of the separation will have diffused itself and ones will no longer fight Holy Wars, for that which is the Divine within each individual knows no thing can be accomplished by taking the life or interrupting the life span of another divine representative…

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This series includes a wide range of topics including religion, governments, preparation, communications, earth changes, life on the ships, dark robes, life in other galaxies, children, reaching our full potential, to name a few. Our unseen brothers and sisters of the Cosmos, Ashtar, Athena, Andromeda Rex, Monka, Cuptan Fetogia and others share their thoughts and answer questions in an effort to help us understand who we truly are and what lies ahead of us as well as around us.

Letters From Home: Vol. I

Greetings my beloved ones, I am Monka to speak with you this hour. I greet you in Light of the Divine One. At this time I am on the command ship that circles your hemisphere. It is with deep gratitude that I welcome this opportunity to speak. I assure you this shall be the first of many discussions that we will have.

My message this hour is to each of you. I put forth this request. Each of you is a Light unto its own, and each of you know of other Lights. I ask that you share my words with these dear ones for there is great need at this time. Indeed, I ask of your assistance.

The Earth teeters most precariously, and we of the Intergalactic Fleet have formed an energy field to help maintain the Earth on its present course. I ask that those of the Light that are presently on the Earth, might too enfold her in positive energies that she might stay on her axis, on her present course. Enfold her in love, and to each of her inhabitants send forth the Love and Light of the Divine Creator that they too might come forth and cast away their negative thoughts and deeds. It is because of the areas on your planet of concentrated negativity that the Earth’s hold is so tenuous at this time. Share my word that others might also concentrate their energies in cooperation with ours…

I greet you each in the sign of the Solar Cross, and to each I extend my personal gratitude for your efforts on behalf of all mankind. I am Monka signing off for this hour. Hold forth the Light and share of the love my brothers, my sisters.

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Letters From Home: Vol. II

Question: How are new cycles brought about?
Sarna: Picture if you will, a great pool, a great round pool of waters. Within the center of this great pool of waters, there is a most beautiful and perfect flower. There has slowly gone out from the perfect flower, runners that small blossoms would appear throughout the pond. Let each blossom be in your mind, a universe. In order for a runner to go forth that additional blossoms might have the opportunity to come into manifestation, there must be something, there is something which goes forth from the central blossom to allow an outcropping or a manifestation of a new blossom.

If you would recognize that you on planet Earth are a blossom and from that blossom is to go forth a new blossom, a new universe, a new thought level. As this is done, this blossom assumes the bud size that you have through your evolution, and you in turn are perceived to be closer to the central blossom, to grow in your own size and beauty because of the manifestation of the newer one. The newer one, as it would come forth, therefore has an impact upon you. Indeed, as you are affected by the manifestation of the new flower, there is a ripple within the pond that is felt by all the blossoms. Thus the waves of the pond cause the blossoms to move closer to the central one, the one that was the original of all.

I recognize this is a very elementary example, but that which is taking place within the Cosmos is one that has a complexity to it that is easy to share in thought form, but is one most difficult to project into your accepted vocabulary.

Hatonn:… You are closing of one age, that which is known to you as the Piscean Age, to go into that age which is known to you as the Age of Aquarius. You are also closing of the major cycle, the 280,000 year cycle, as well as the 126,000 year cycle. By the mere fact that these three cycles are coming together at the same time produces for Earth and for the rest of the universe a noted planetary shift. Earth shall assume a new berth as she rotates about the sun, just as the other planets shall assume a new berth.

It shall come into your awareness that there are other planets within this universe that have not been recognized by your scientists. As these cycles close and the new ones begin this shall come into your awareness. However, at the completion of these cycles and as Earth changes on her axis, there shall be a certain amount of cleansing and unbalancing that will transpire on Earth at that time. This is the period that we have often spoken of as that period in which many of you shall be taken from Earth to observe her cleansing from a much more comfortable distance.

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Letters From Home: Vol. III

Salutations, ones of planet Earth. I am Cuptan Fetogia speaking… [I reside on] the command ship of the Third Galaxy. I bring greetings from all ones of the Galaxy and from the Inner Council Ring. I have come to enter into the activation planning with the one that is known to you as the Lord Sananda. I come as the representative to offer counsel and assistance and to share of the knowing that has been afforded me. I come to enter into the ethers of the place that is known to you as the planet Earth, the Emerauld. It is the desire of the ones of Wisdom that I come to offer to the Blessed One their wisdom.

The ages of unknowing have been the lot of the ones that walk the face of the Earth Mother. The ages of darkness have been as that which is the accepted in the thought process of the children of the Earth Mother. This is being lifted from them. This is being removed to allow for a conscious understanding, yea knowing, on the part of all ones that are desirous to know. The hour of looking to the distant day is over. It is finis (finished). The call is for action now of all ones upon the planet.

Can you, Earth mans kind, not recognize the imminence of the approach? Look not to the morrow to begin to accept your responsibility and assume your accountability for that which is your own thoughts and actions. Look not to the grand of the distant day. Begin your actions NOW.

It is recognized by the Council of the ignorance of the masses of the ones that are with the Earth Mother. It is recognized that this shall require specific action on the part of the sons and daughters of the cosmic realm.

At the point in the cycle that is the solstice (December,1988) there shall be a great inpouring of cosmic and angelic energies directly from that which is known to you as the Godhead. This will bring about a great stirring within the individuals that dwell with the planet Earth. It is anticipated that most ones upon the planet shall react to this inpouring. Ones of Light, the faithful workers, shall be as ones to experience a heightened awareness and dimensional shift. It is for this that many have been prepared.

Expect the unexpected. Attune to the frequencies that are not of the accustomed vibrational level of your dimension. Accept the acceleration of your vibrational pattern. DO NOT FIGHT IT. This would result in a great unbalance for you. Indeed, it could be quite detrimental to your health mode.

It is anticipated by the ones of the Council that this inpouring shall bring about a great unbalance upon the planet. It is further anticipated that many of the un-enlightened ones shall react with a vibrational frequency that is as an onslaught to the ones of Light.

Do not, I repeat, do not engage yourselves in actions or activities that would bring great knowledge of your presence. Allow yourselves to be with like kind engaging in activities that would nurture and comfort you. Allow for your beings, all of your beings, to adjust to this alteration in vibrational frequency…

Ye ones who would walk the Pathe of Light shall be as ones to recognize of these changes, both internally and externally. Allow for the experience. Silence the tongue that the totality might have opportunity to experience. Be as one content in the moment, allowing naught to dislodge you from your place.

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Letters From Home: Vol. IV

Good evening. Blessings in the Light of the Most Radiant One. I am Monka. I hold a bonding with Earth and her inhabitants which covers multiple life times for each of you. I have been the representative of you and your planet Earth in the councils and tribunals, and I shall continue to be the voice which speaks on behalf of you at these meetings until the point is reached when you can and do stand as your own representatives within the councils and tribunals. My love for all of you goes far beyond that which can be expressed in words. I hold all of you close to my heart.

We have asked this one through which we speak to compile the materials which we have shared with her into specific categories or topics. Most of these topics have been initiated by you through your questions and shared thoughts. In this small volume we ask to share thoughts with you concerning that which is about you on or about your planet which impacts upon you. We ask you to see you are in the process of change. You call this tribulation.

This change shall grow in momentum until Earth, as you acknowledge it, is not there, but rather new facets of the Earth Mother present themselves for your exploration. New experiences await you; experiences which have not been heretofore available because of the density carried by the corporeal man.

But before entering the New Day, let us in retrospect observe those institutions which have held you bound, which have programmed your thinking into compliance. Let us see that which has donned the garment of Savior as it truly is, a philosophy which seeks to gain from you for its own elevation in the material realm.

What is your government? What component lies quietly within and without it to control you? What is the concept behind one world government and how has that been manipulated to be one world under one control for one benefit? Do the ET’s of your dimension play a part in this? If so, what is their part?

And lastly, is there hope? Is there a potential for a new earth, cleansed and ready for new beings? Where will you go during this process? How will you get there? Is there anyone in the Cosmos who cares and sees you as the Divine beings you are? These are some of the thoughts we would share with you in this small volume.

Begin your readying with a sharp sense of discernment. Accept truth as it presents itself to you. Know we, of the Ashtar Command, have enfolded this small volume in love. May you feel that love and caring as you partake of our words. I am Monka, a most humble servant of the Radiant One.

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This series shares specific teachings by individual Ascended Masters, by topic, to help the reader to grow along their spiritual path.

Talks With The Masters: Theoaphylos

Greetings. It is that I might enter to say, I am known to thee as Theoaphylos… I would say to thee, know ye the eye of a needle? Come. Come. Know ye the eye of a needle? Know ye the thread that goes through the eye of a needle? This we shall speak of, for this shall be thy lesson.

Ye would say to me, “My brethren, I enter not through the eye of a needle, for it is too small and it would bind. And it is not my place to enter through such.” And I say, hear ye me, that ye would think, that ye would ponder in thy own knowing and in thine own awareness. Know ye what ye are? Ye are a thread. Ye are a long slim, slender, delicate piece of silk. Ye are a thread. And as this thread would come to the eye of the needle, it is limp. And the seamstress would push and the silk would go not through the eye. But aha, the seamstress would moisten of the silk. And the silk would be strong and it would be straight. And it would pass through the eye of the needle. And so it is, the silk was prepared that it would enter of the eye. And this my brethren, have I given to you…

For what is the eye of the needle? It is but an opening through which the thread would pass, that the thread which would hold the garment together, might enter into the fibers of the garment, that it might weave and be one with these. And so it is, my delicate pieces of silk. As you would pass through the portal which is known to you as the eye of the needle, so does the silk loop back across the top of the needle that it would join with that portion which has past not through the eye, that together they would come, that they would bind the fibers of the cloth.

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Talks With The Masters: El Morya

Dedication: By that which I Am do I speak. By that which I Am do I come forth. I am that one that is known to Earth man as El Morya. I am that one who has walked of the plane that is Earth and who has come forth to that which is the realization of that which I Am. I would desire for you upon the Emerauld to come into the awareness of that which I Am. I would desire for you that you would manifest the perfection that was given at your creation. Come, walk beyond that which is known to you. Come, be that which is beyond the limits of time or space or person. Come! Be!

I, a most humble servant of the Most High offer unto all of Earth man kind the assistance to come into the Oneness that I Am. To the perfection that you are is this small volume dedicated.

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Talks With The Masters: Serapis Bey

Dedication: This portion is most humbly dedicated to the seekers of Truth, that which is not defined or limited by the mere mortality of man. This portion is not a complete portion but it is only that which is one part which will assist you on your own pathe of self-discovery. For each divine spark there is a journey which brings into fruition the completeness of the divine spark as it expresses its part in the totality. The marriage with the Godhead is not limited to an esoteric experience, but is an actuality in the density of the dimension. No man is exempt from the experience. The choice is the utilization of the experience to express a level of deity, the god within each of you. Let no man rob you of this search or opportunity for expression. Let no man limit your expression of perfection. Walk in the totality you are, One Facet of the Complete Diamond. You are a uniquely crafted facet of the perfection, the center of all, experiencing the broadening experience of expression. May that which has been recorded of me be one small part to accelerate your own journey, the journey of the realization of your perfection. I, as one of the Ascended Masters hold forth my hand to salute and assist you.
I Am
Serapis Bey

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Talks With The Masters: Kut-Hu-Mi

Dedication: I speak as World Teachor for those who walk upon the planet known as Earth. I speak as chohan who does hold a ray for man’s evolvement. I am Kut-Hu-Mi. I have been of the plane of Earth. I have donned the garment of man under many names. I have felt of the warmth of the sun as it touched my cheek; been filled by the cooling waters of the brook; and eaten of the flesh of the fruits. Mine is a joy of the earth’s experiences held within the heart of a single man. The joy within my heart is now the song for all mankind as I hold forth the door that each one might enter into his own knowing. I know that which is the soul of man, the song of the Eternal Love. I see only that which is the essence of the budding perfection as I feel the tips of man’s fingers as he holds forth his hand to mine. I gladly clasp in universal brotherhood this hand as it clings to mine that we might go forward together. In this small volume have I set to words/thoughts which might assist one who would seek answers. May the answers not come, but let that which I share be as a chord which seeks to bring rhythm for universal harmony so that you might be the manifestation of the song.
I am

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Hello, I’m Tobias, Can I Come Talk To You?

Hello. My name is Tobias. I would like to talk to you. I am what you big people would call an Elemental. Our job is to hold the concept for those things on Earth that do not have a consciousness of its own, like trees and flowers, cars and houses and lakes and all that stuff.

A long, long time ago I came from Nuff to be in a car that was going to belong to Mistress and Master. When they were at a special place in their life’s journey I began my real job — which was to talk to them and to you. I could send thoughts to Mistress and she could then feel them and know what I was thinking. We had planned this a long time ago before she came to be. It was a hoppy(happy) time for me. Just a little bit after that Master had to take a trip and I was told that I was to go with him. It was a long way and we went in a car that goes high in the sky. I slipped into Master’s pocket. It was berry(very) exciting.

One sleep time after we got to where we were going ones of the King came to me and took me to meet the King. He was berry big and he said to me, “TOBIAS, I HAVE A JOB FOR YOU. I WISH FOR YOU TO TALK TO THE BIG PEOPLE AND TELL THEM ABOUT US AND THE THINGS THAT WE DO. I WANT YOU TO TELL THEM HOW WE CAN ALL WORK TOGETHER TO MAKE THIS PLACE BETTER AND HOW WE CAN WORK TOGETHER. WE NEED THEIR HELP. IF THEY KNOW ABOUT US AND ACKNOWLEDGE US WE CAN ALL WORK TOGETHER. WE CAN HELP THEM TO BE HAPPIER AND THEY CAN HELP US TO GROW.” He then gave me a medal to put about my neck. It was a sign of my ‘portant job.. Then the keepers of the gate took me back to Master. I was very proud to have such a ‘portant thing to do.

Then three sun times later we got on the car that goes in the air and went back to Mistress. I have never left her again. I talk to the big people when we go to talk to groups of people, big people. We do not go much now ‘cause Mistress has other jobs to do.

We live on a little farm with two dog people, three horse people and trees and water and plants and everything! We know the names of everybody. They talk to us and we talk to them. There is Anabella who takes care of the house, Aristotle who takes care of the land and Andrew who is the big teacher for all the wee ones. Our life is Bufull(beautiful).

Now you know ‘bout me. I would like to know bout you. I will send you a heart to go on your backward looking glass in your car if you write to me. It means you are love and you are loved.
Good bye. That’s all.

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Letters From My Big Friend, Dialogue With A Yeti

Introduction: In 1992 a new kind of communication began. The one sharing thoughts (Chu-Ah) identified himself as what we would call a Yeti. For the past 20 plus years our friendship has grown. What began with marked trepidation on our part has grown into love and acceptance.

We have met the other members of his family, learned of his home planet, Uhtaria, and the philosophy of its peoples. We have shared in the welcoming of the newest member of the family, Le-Ah, and rejoiced as she and her older brother, Ink-Ah, have grown. At times we have laughed with the joy of the parents, and others we have felt the concern of the head of the household when his space has been threatened. We have experienced the first timid communique with Kul-Ah, his mate.

Chu-Ah has opened doors, helping us to have a keener appreciation of nature and of living with its rhythm. He can be so strong, we can feel his presence as he projects his energy near us. We can feel his beckoning as he invites us to come share his space with him. We share in the mutual laughter as we cannot quite achieve a response to his invitation. These communications reflect a friendship which has grown to the point that the coming together of his family and ours would be one of comfort and joy for all concerned.

In places, the spelling and wording may be new to the reader and may not meet literary standards. We have attempted to hold to the letter of that which was given so that no thought, feeling, or intent would be altered.
As you read these communications, may the friendship we share open to be one in which you are included.

All of us at Portals

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Collective Consciousness Of Earth Man Kind By Lord Ochoomi

The stages of evolution, the rudimentary steps that have been taken by Earth man kind, are noted, are observed. Specific thought patterns that have been well ingrained into the thinking process of this individual creature shall be altered until there is an extinction of these patterns. These are thought patterns that have been ingrained by the collective consciousness of the habitation of the planet. Hence, from one incarnation to another, they have been accepted and have been plied. These thought forms have been the thought forms that would hold and limit the individual expanded consciousness. These thought forms have held Earth man kind in a most rudimentary position within the planetary systems.

I would quicken to add, this is not meant to take away from that which man is on Earth, or that which he has attained, for indeed, he has attained great strides. However, his has been an evolutionary process of reaching a pinnacle, only to fall into the abyss to again begin his climb to the pinnacle. And what is the pinnacle? The pinnacle is the attainment of the Christ consciousness in totality of the individual temple.

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Teachings From Within The Golden City

Polarity: I am Djwal Kul who speaks from within the Eternal Presence. I am sent unto you at this time to give to you a certain portion. Peace and blessings from the Most High I pour forth to you who would receive. Amen.

I shall speak to you of The Mysteries, mysteries to you but Truth to ones who do dwell within this place. Ye ones who desire to enter, to you, I give these words.

Esu has said to you he is the Gate by which you may enter. Know you the meaning of his precious words? I think not. He who did come to you as the Perfect came to give to you ones of darkness the Light to come forth. He walked among you to give to you of his Light and his knowing. He was then, as now, in balance with all of the creative forces and at one with the Divine Principle. This is the mystery to man. This is the mystery. He said to each that receive his word that he as the Christed One was the Gate through which you could return unto the Creator’s House. The Christed One. It was not Jesus the mound of clay who spoke these words, but the Christed One.

Know you the Christ, the Son Portion of the Divine Principle, abides in each. This portion is the Gate through which ye might enter into the Creator’s House. This sacred portion that abides within is the key to all. Know this, you ones bound, that you might free yourself of the lower bodies to dwell within the Christed Body. In this is Your Gate. In this is The Way.

Now you ones have struggled these many eons in great limitation. It is now that you shall free your own self of these limitations. The great I Am places no limits on you, you have placed your own. You have dug the hole of your present existence and limited yourself to the seeing of only that which you have dug. I speak to give to you the impetus to climb from the hole, to come into the Light that you shall see with greater vision. You shall see there is much that awaits you as you climb up from your buried state.

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The Law

Hear ye MY Word. Hear ye MY Word. I AM. I AM thy Father Solen Aum Solen who does speak. And MINE Word shall cum forth, and be burned within thy heart that ye shall kno, and ye shall receive according to thy preparation. So be it evermore. So be it and amen.

Be ye not as the foolish bird who sticks its head beneath the sand, and sees not that which is about it. Be ye not as this one, and choose not to recognize that which is happening about ye. I give to thee of MINE sign, and I give to thee cues that ye might see, that ye might kno what is happening.

For there is naught of surprise about that which I do. I say there is naught of surprise. For each that I do is of purpose, and each is of a step that does build upon the next. So it is.

I give not to thee that which would shock or surprise. If ye would but open thine eye to see what is happening. If ye would but open thy ear, and hear the words that I do speak for I speak to each. And to those that would hear of MY Word are MY Praises and MY Blessings. And for ye ones that would seek in truth to hear that which I would give, I send forth ones to give to thee of MINE Word.

And to ye ones who would close of their ear and choose not to hear MINE messengers, so be it. As ye choose not to hear of ME so shall I hear not thy cries in the darkest hour. So be it as I do give this to thee.

Now I shall forsake none, for that which I have sent forth is of ME and shall not be forsaken. Kno this be so and in thy kno-ing shall each receive of their comfort.

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The Trilogy – In The Beginning: The Truths Of God

I am Josias to speak of a personal matter. I say to you, I am the Master of the Twelfth Universe of the Father’s Creation. Each of the twelve of the Master Adepts has a mark for his universe that he watches over. These be the original creations of the Father. I be the twelfth. Yea, this universe we share with the Father, be the newest of His creation — 100 million years before man knew of history.

I say to you, long before there was record, was my creation. I sit, have sat at the hand, yea, the bosom of the Father. Great have my lessons been. I come forth in His Infinite Wisdom to speak of the creation, of the beginning.

I speak not through another one, for Tuieta is the gift that be given for me to use that Truth might come forth. I speak not in parables, but I speak the story as it was seen through mine eyes as the Master Adept for the Twelfth Universe.

I come forth with this message, to help man to understand of his beginning for great is his need to know, to understand the travels of his soul, that he might know which path he must choose for Life Eternal.

I bid you greetings and say to you as you read my words, to read them with love in your heart.

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